Roadie Coach Is an All-in-One Music Smart Recorder for Guitarists

Photo: Band Industries

For almost a decade, the Roadie smart tuner has been aiding guitarists in their tuning quandaries. The Band Industries’ standout smart device has long been a reliable and ever-evolving tool, with an increasing breadth of capabilities introduced in every updated version. While tuning is indeed a crucial element for any guitarist, Band Industries wanted to create an even more sophisticated smart device to aid budding guitarists and musicians in their quest for musical mastery. What resulted from said endeavor is Band Industries’ smartest device yet: the Roadie Coach.

The Roadie Coach looks to be an unassuming tuner, but if Band Industries has proven anything, the understated looks of their stalwart products are deceiving. It’s easier to explain what the Coach doesn’t do rather than what it does. A three-in-one smart device, the Coach is a music tutor, smart recorder, and Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) controller. It couldn’t be easier to use, too. Simply attach the Coach to your guitar or sing into it. From there, you can connect to the Coach app to track your progress, record tracks, or get feedback on your performance.

As a music tutor, the Coach teaches you how to play full songs through a step-by-step process. It can even give you pointers on how to hold the guitar, which string to use, and how to position your fingers. The app also allows you to learn at your own pace. Moreover, the Coach app allows you to transpose songs in different keys for creative flexibility, and even has a library of backing tracks so you can create tracks and practice rhythm training.

If these features weren’t enough, the Coach also has two microphones which gives it the ability to teach users how to sing while playing the guitar. Band Industries is aiming for an October release of the Roadie Coach, but you can preorder it on their Kickstarter now for $139.

Kickstarter: $139+

Photo: Band Industries