The AXIIS LIION Is the World’s First All-Electric Supermoto Motorcycle

Photos: AXIIS Engineering Art

Based in Portugal’s hilly capital city of Lisbon, AXIIS Engineering Art is a boutique electric motorcycle startup founded by a trio of friends and riding enthusiasts in 2015. Specializing in ultra-high-precision CNC-machined moto components crafted from aircraft-grade alloys, the company raised funding and attracted investors via the release of a line of aftermarket parts, though has now taken these resources and used them to develop what’s being touted as the word’s first fully-electric supermoto motorcycle.

Made from some of the finest and most high-end materials on earth, AXIIS’s forthcoming SuMo model — which has been dubbed the “LIION” — is constructed around a bilateral beam frame that’s been precision machined from a single block of 7075-T6 aluminum billet before being paired with a matching CNC-machined single-sided swing-arm that was engineered specifically for supermoto riding. Draped in MX-style bodywork made entirely from carbon fiber, the LIION weighs in at just 293lbs and offers a top speed of approximately 125mph.

At the heart of the bike is an ultra-potent 134-hp electric chain-driven powertrain that’s rated at 177ft-lbs at the motor and an even greater 531ft-lbs at the wheel. The system draws power from a 12kWh battery pack stashed in a billet housing. Riding on a set of cast wheels shod in sticky Dunlop street tires, the LIION also sports an inverted WP fork and an Ohlins TTX monoshock that afford 8.2” and 7.5” of travel, respectively. The bike is also helmed via a set of Renthal bars and grips paired with a set of toothed foot-pegs.

Pricing, production numbers, full specs, and availability have yet to be revealed, though AXIIS Engineering Art will soon be offering the LIION Supermoto E-Bike for preorder in the near future. The company is also currently accepting additional investors.

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Photo: AXIIS Engineering Art
Photo: AXIIS Engineering Art
Photo: AXIIS Engineering Art