Arc’teryx and Ortovox Create a Cutting-Edge Avalanche Pack

Photo: Arc'Teryx x Ortovox

We’re always excited about a good collaboration. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as watching two heavy hitters in their respective spaces join forces to make a stellar product. In this case, we have the prodigiously talented gear company, Arc’teryx, and the maestros of mountaineering, Ortovox. While their specialties overlap in many different ways, Ortovox also offers an array of emergency devices for folks brave enough to adventure in dangerous mountainous areas, and its new joint project with Arc’teryx has resulted in quite possibly the most cutting-edge avalanche pack on the market.

The LiTRIC System avalanche pack is what happens when you cross the “immaculate German engineering” of Ortovox with the “diehard Canadian knowhow” of Arc’teryx. For those who haven’t heard of avalanche packs, they’re essentially the snow equivalent of a life vest. In an avalanche, large objects tend to float to the top of the snow, so companies create packs that use deployable airbags to help victims fight their way to the top of the snow. Essentially, this product is the coolest survival tool you hope you’ll never have to use.

What makes the LiTRIC System so innovative and important is that it addresses many of the inherent design flaws that current models have on the market. By leveraging ultracapacitor battery technology, the LiTRIC System can operate for 60 hours, is capable of two deployments at full charge, and can charge fully in just 25 minutes. What’s more, this innovative device can operate in temperatures as cold as -22° F, solving the cold weather problem from which many current packs suffer.

Arguably the most impressive quality about this system is its size. At just over two pounds, the LiTRIC System is one of the lightest and most compact avalanche packs on the market, allowing users to pack more gear for when they venture into the wilderness. Neither company has stated a release window or pricing information on the LiTRIC System, however, you can sign up for email updates on LiTRIC’s website.

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Photo: Arc’Teryx x Ortovox
Photo: Arc’Teryx x Ortovox
Photo: Arc’Teryx x Ortovox