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TIDAL’s HiFi Plus Plan Delivers Best-in-Class Sound Formats Across the Board

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The music streaming service has come a long way since TIDAL first debuted and began pushing the envelope in the category back in 2014. These days, the latest battleground to open up in the space is over which audio streamer can produce the highest-quality audio, and TIDAL has again set the bar with its HiFi Plus plan.

TIDAL’s sprawling library consists of over 90 million songs and 425 thousand videos, so it is impossible to run out of options. Whether you’re deep diving into some deep cuts, browsing through the hottest new singles, or taking a trip down memory lane with your favorite music video, you’ll always have something to listen to. Plus, to appease audiophiles, certain songs’ kbps rate is high as 9,216 on the HiFi Plus plan, practically blowing bit rates from competitors out of the water.

Moreover, TIDAL’s HiFi Plus supports multiple formats for high-res audio, including Master Quality audio, Dolby Atmos, Sony 360 Reality Audio, and, naturally, HiFi. The plan even supports offline listening with unlimited skips, allowing you to take your music on the go while tailoring it to your liking without restrictions. Above all else, TIDAL’s direct artist payout is as high as 10%, which is the highest percentage when pitted against different streaming services, meaning you can feel good knowing your subscription fees actually going to support the artists you love.

If you’ve been meaning to swap streaming services or have just spent years looking for the right one, there’s no need to look any further. Subscribe to TIDAL’s ad-free HiFi Plus Plan now for just $3 — this offer is over 90% off the normal rate and lasts for the first three months of your choice of a Standard or Family Plan, the latter of which allows up to 6 accounts.

Purchase: $3

Photo: TIDAL
Photo: TIDAL