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Hands-On: lululemon ABC Jogger


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For nearly a quarter of a century, lululemon has built its name on producing high-performance, ultra-technical takes on classic workout garments, utilizing advanced constructions and calculated designs to deliver pieces of clothing that have been engineered from the ground up specifically for workout applications. Benefitting from public feedback, lululemon’s active and athleisurewear lines have consistently set the standard in their respective spaces, and though the Canadian company already produces a wide range of running-specific garments, lululemon has now raised the bar once again with the release of its newly-revised, ultra-capable, exercise-ready ABC Jogger.

Designed for everyday comfort but ready for a tough workout at the drop of a hat, we wanted to see if lululemon’s latest pants lived up to the hype. So we got our hands on the all-new ABC Jogger to find out for ourselves. And after spending a few weeks putting these joggers to the test in a myriad of settings and applications, we’ve grown increasingly impressed with everything these pants have to offer, from their next-gen materials to their athletic fit to their suite of subtle yet clever features.


Quality Construction

Unpacking The ABC Jogger’s Materials

Like any solid workout garment, the ABC Jogger starts with an advanced construction, in this case, lululemon’s own Warpstreme fabric. To deliver this cutting-edge material, lululemon partnered with an independent mill in Japan which helped develop the fabric, which is made from a combination of Elastomultiester, super micro-polyester, and modified poly yarns that are knit in a zig-zag pattern. This Warp-knit construction is not only extremely lightweight and durable, but is also heavily resistant to wrinkles, breathable, boasts four-way stretch, and offers stellar quick-drying, recovery, and shape retention properties that allow the pants to fall away from the wearer’s body. This primary construction has also been supplemented via a liner crafted entirely from recycled polyester and a rib composed of a Lycra elastane-infused nylon blend.


The Devil’s In The Details

The Subtle Yet Clever Features Of The ABC Jogger

Built from the ground up for workouts, these joggers have been outfitted with an ergonomic gusset and a streamlined fit that hugs the body while still providing breathing room for the wearer’s glutes, thighs, and netherregion. This latter area is further helped along by the use of lululemon’s ABC (short for “Anti-Ball Crushing”) engineering and technology, which removes tension from the crotch area and provides additional breathing room down there. The ABC Jogger also features a drawcord that can be worn outside the pants or tucked flat in the waistband, a secure zippered back pocket, and regular hand pockets with a coin/key pocket on one side and a smartphone/media pocket on the other that prevents devices from bouncing around as the wearer moves.


Real-World Road-Testing

Putting The ABC Jogger Through Its Paces

Within several minutes of our first run with these joggers, its many benefits quickly became abundantly clear. Not only are these bottoms tremendously comfortable, but we also found that their plethora of special properties — such as being breathable and quick-drying and affording multi-way stretch — actually allowed us to work out harder, and for longer. The ultimate goal of these pants was to deliver an incredibly high-performance garment that fits so naturally and comfortably that its wearer doesn’t need to think about it, and can instead focus exclusively on their workout.

And, while the ABC Jogger is certainly a great choice for workout applications, the pants are just as conducive to spending lazy weekend days lounging around in the yard or on the couch. What’s more, with a rather smart appearance, these joggers can also blend into a variety of other environments in day-to-day life, giving them markedly more versatility — as well as bang-for-your-buck. There truly are few places where we wouldn’t think of wearing the ABC Jogger.


The Verdict

Final Thoughts On The ABC Jogger

All in all, we were incredibly content with the time we spent wearing these joggers, which managed to actually surpass our expectations in quite a few areas. Not only are these pants wildly comfortable — whether hanging around or doing sprints — but the use of the brand’s Warpstreme fabric has wonderfully demonstrated what a monumental difference an advanced construction can make when it comes to workout garments. And, while these joggers may at first appear somewhat expensive, the reality is that you aren’t just paying a premium for a name brand here, and your money actually gets you a slew of worthwhile features along with a state-of-the-art construction that affords the ABC Jogger a markedly longer shelf-life than your average pair of pants.

Produced in a whopping 15 different color options and in 28”, 30”, and 32” lengths, the lululemon ABC Jogger is available now, with pricing set at $128.

Purchase: $128