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InsideTracker Is Now Integrated with Apple Watch for Real-Time Heath Insight

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Despite it being a hot topic of conversation, especially these past couple of years, prioritization of one’s mental and physical health can be a tall task for those who don’t know where to begin. However, InsideTracker has been making it extremely easy with its complete tracking system integrated with your smartphones and FitBits. And now, the technology is finally compatible with the Apple Watch.

Helping us unlock our body’s maximum performance and potential, InsideTracker has already made it so users can get real-time feedback on their bloodwork and DNA, along with fitness and nutrition recommendations. But now with Apple Watch integration, users can combine these insights with Apple’s ProTips that help in regards to your workout, resting heart rate, and sleep duration, all for a deeper understanding of your body inside and out.

Never before have maximizing your body’s full potential and realizing your goals been so easy. InsideTracker aims to be a beacon through the fog of all the misleading and confusing information out there, cluttering your social media feeds and suggesting bad habits. And now, with access to this amazing technology on your wrist, the process has never been more clear and more expedited.

Connect to InsideTracker on your Apple Watch today, with Ultimate Plans starting at $589. Even if you don’t own an Apple Watch, you can use the app on your FitBit or mobile device. And right now, you can get 20% off of the entire InsideTracker store with the discount code: HICONSUMPTION.

Purchase: $472+