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Full Swing’s KIT Launch Monitor Gives Statistical Accuracy on Each Swing

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Technological advancements in the sports world come out of the woodwork often nowadays, but Full Swing has been setting the tone in this field dating back to 1986. As one of the more innovative names dedicated to providing the best on-course experience, the gadgeteer touts its KIT Launch Monitor as the golf industry’s most powerful product of its type, with a co-sign from none other than Tiger Woods to prove it.

The high-tech KIT Launch Monitor boasts a crystal-clear 4K camera that can capture 1080p-quality videos at a rapid-fire 60 frames per second. The radar-based gadget also offers a variety of intricate stats for each swing, including the ball’s total distance, spin rate, speed, and launch angle. Offering 5 hours’ worth of use at a time, anyone from your average weekend player to Tiger himself can make the most of their time on the driving range.

In addition to its professional-grade data tracking, Full Swing implemented a sleek design language into the KIT, shedding the average, calculator-like look of outdated launch monitors. Equipped with a crisp OLED display, this device is as beautiful to look at as it is to use for tracking your progress. Speaking of which, it also offers a convenient indoor gameplay option, practically serving as a simulator that will take up a fraction of the space — let alone a fraction of your wallet.

This new piece of equipment is a certified hole-in-one. Pick up Full Swing’s innovative KIT Launch Monitor on the brand’s website for $3,999.

Purchase: $3,999

Photo: Full Swing
Photo: Full Swing