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The Wishlist: 20 Best Gifts for the Technophile

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Trying to keep up with the latest in technology nowadays can be exhausting, to say the least. With countless gadgets swarming in from left and right, there are simply far too many brands to choose from with too many similar choices to make. Although many of these minor differences can be hard to distinguish with a naked eye, they are important decisions, as you are investing in a device that you hope will last you a while. In this instance, we seek to deliver a guide to the best electronics you can hope to last the nearest technophile in your life a while, with a number of state-of-the-art selections to choose from for the holiday season.

Roborock S7 Robot Vacuum

Equipped with power mopping that utilizes the brand’s trademark VibraRise technology, this robot vacuum makes for a quiet cleaning machine that will get all the dust and grime out before and after any friend’s upcoming holiday party, all while barely making a peep.

Purchase: $650

Apple AirTag

The best way to keep track of all your gadgets is with one of the most vital gadgets of all. The AirTag’s seamlessness and attractive design have quickly reshaped the digital tracker space following its release earlier this year.

Purchase: $29

PhoneSoap 3 Wireless Charging Station

Equipped with a sanitizer, PhoneSoap’s brand name truly encapsulates what they do a tee. Capable of cleansing any smartphone, this wireless charger surely is the way to go when on the go nowadays.

Purchase: $80

Ember Smart Mug 2

The self-heating mug took the world by storm throughout the pandemic and looks to remain a mainstay. This is an ideal gift for anyone you know that may still be working from home.

Purchase: $100

Apple Homepod Mini

Apple’s small but mighty smart speaker just got a makeover in time for the 2021 holiday season and is now available in a range of colorful options.

Purchase: $99

Nomad Base Station

Nomad is a SoCal-based brand that has been crafting high-quality electronic accessories for nearly a decade now, but they hone their craft to the extent of veterans in the space. This leather base station comes equipped with an Apple Watch mount and can charge up to a trio of gadgets.

Purchase: $130

Amazon Echo Show 8

Amazon’s smart display serves as the optimal tablet without necessarily being a tablet. Help your friends turn on all of their other gadgets without the touch of a button.

Purchase: $130

Korg VOLCABASS Analog Bass Machine

For the makeshift musician in your life, this can hold up to 16 sounds of the giftee’s choice and is an entry-level gateway into making mixes.

Purchase: $145

Google Nest

The Silicon Valley conglomerate’s purchase of Nest Labs has proven successful, as the Nest thermostat has become a mainstay in countless houses across the world thanks to its smart climate control across the seasons.

Purchase: $180

Bose Soprano Frames

These Bose sunglasses/headphones remain one of the more marvelous modern subtleties. Made for people who hate having buds in their ears and the sun in their eyes, they are as stylish as they are innovative.

Purchase: $249

Xbox Series S

As a slim, near-handheld console that is wildly powerful for its size, technophiles would surely get a kick out of this futuristic take on gaming’s progression.

Purchase: $300

Shinola Tech Portfolio

Give your friend a hand by helping them organize each of their individual gizmos with the help of this stylish leather tech portfolio from the Detroit craftsmen.

Purchase: $395

Bowers & Wilkins PI7 Wireless Earphones

As one of the best audio brands on the market, anything crafted by Bowers & Wilkins is generally a no-brainer for any audiophile — and that’s especially true with these standard-setting earbuds.

Purchase: $400

Apple Watch Series 7 GPS + Cellular

Apple tends to shift the norm with everything they do. The iPhone runs the smartphone conversation, the iPad rules the tablet world, and the Apple Watch serves as the go-to smartwatch among many.

Purchase: $499

DJI Action 2 Dual Screen Combo

DJI’s follow-up to their Action Osmo looks to deliver with exquisite capabilities. The Action 2 makes for a great addition to anyone’s daily routine and arguably outdoes GoPro at its own game.

Purchase: $519+

Revopoint POP 3D Scanner

This awesome piece of equipment from Revopoint is a gift that any artist or renderer would absolutely cherish.

Purchase: $619

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H95 Headphones

Bang & Olufsen has consistently crafted nothing short of the best headphones around, and these wireless over-ears will surely do the trick for just about anyone.

Purchase: $849

Samsung Flip 3

Samsung’s futuristic take on the flip phone is an absolute must for fans of nostalgia and the future, specifically when they meet.

Purchase: $925

Apple iPad Pro 12.9 Inch

For over a decade, tech companies have been attempting to catch up with Apple as far as crafting the best tablet on the market. To the disappointment of many, there is truly no way to top it.

Purchase: $999

Apple MacBook Pro

Apple’s brand-new MacBook Pro is a marvel among me. Equipped with the brand’s incredible new M1 Pro chip, there is simply no other way to go if you plan on buying somebody a laptop.

Purchase: $1,999+

Sony Alpha 7 IV Mirrorless Camera

Currently available for pre-order, this looks to be a remarkable release to say the very least. For the photographer in your life, please do them a favor by picking up the latest and greatest from Sony.

Purchase: $2,500

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