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Behind The Brand: The James Brand with Founder Ryan Coulter

Back in 2012, Ryan Coulter founded The James Brand, a Portland-based EDC outfit specializing in products as minimalist in design as they are maximal in utility.

Chief to the brand’s survival has been its disruption of the pocket knife category, as it’s filled a gap in the market that’s long gone overlooked. That’s because, historically, the industry mostly catered to two types of carriers: tactical operators and hardcore hunting and fishing enthusiasts. Seeing an opportunity, however, Coulter decided to create another niche based on his own frustrations: one for the design-conscious individual who desires something simple and fuss-free.

It’s an approach that’s required The James Brand to reject many a pocket knife industry norm, challenging enthusiasts in what their preconceptions of a blade can be. In the early days, this sparked no shortage of skepticism (read: internet hate), but it’s since helped the brand stand apart as something unto its own. Purveyor of high quality, meticulously-crafted EDC gear, The James Brand exists not just to inspire but also to help you live the best life possible.

For our first Behind The Brand feature, founder Ryan Coulter talks us through the origins of The James Brand, beginning with some personal background and rounding things out with his motivations for starting the company. If you’ve been wondering “who” exactly the “James” is, be sure to give this one a watch — we promise you won’t be disappointed.