Volcon’s Fully-Electric Stag UTV Offers Class-Leading Power Figures & Technology

Photos: Volcon ePowersports

Based in Round Rock, Texas, Volcon is a fledgling EV brand that aims to integrate modern powertrain technology into the off-road powersports sector. After already bringing its go-anywhere fully-electric Grunt motorcycle to market — as well as its little brother, the kid-sized Runt — Volcon has now pulled the cover off of its latest all-electric offering with the Stag UTV.

Offering class-leading horsepower and torque figures, the Stag packs an electric motor that puts down 125hp and 265 instantaneous ft-lbs of torque, though Volcon is also offering an “overboost accessory” that increases that former figure to 143.5hp. The electric motor draws from a 42-kWh battery that affords more than 100 miles of range and requires only six hours to receive a complete recharge when using its 7.2 kW onboard charger and Level 2 charging. Alongside an activated on-demand 4WD system, the Stag also boasts a dedicated crawl mode.

Offering a top speed of 80mph, the Stag also gets a pair of integrated onboard cameras, off-road wheels wrapped in BF Goodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM3 tires, and fully adjustable off-road shocks. This all-electric all-terrain vehicle also sports a 64” width, 121” wheelbase, a 2,000-lb towing capacity, 26.7 cu-ft of bed space, and a 1,550-lb payload capacity. Equipped with seating for four passengers, the Stag’s cabin features race seats with five-point harnesses, paddle-shifters, and a central driver display that’s equipped with a camera view, a route planner, off-road gauges, and real-time vehicle status info. And, as a fully-electric vehicle, the Stag requires markedly less maintenance and servicing compared to petrol-powered UTVs.

Priced starting from $39,999, the 2024 Volcon ePowersports Stag Electric UTV is available for reservation now, with deliveries scheduled to begin in the Summer of 2023. Volcon is also producing a massive range of optional accessories and upgrades for the Stag including windshields, hard and soft luggage, winch mounts, bumpers, and auxiliary lighting, just to name a few.

Purchase: $39,999+

Photo: Volcon ePowersports
Photo: Volcon ePowersports
Photo: Volcon ePowersports