AC Cars Just Unveiled Its $340,000 Carbon Fiber-Bodied Cobra GT Roadster

2024 AC Cars Cobra GT Roadster 0 Hero
Photos: AC Cars

In the final week of December of last year, British marque AC Cars previewed the release of its upcoming next-generation sports car. Christened the AC Cobra GT Roadster, the forthcoming car offers an attractive combination of retro-inspired style and modern performance capabilities, with vintage-themed all carbon fiber bodywork and a 654-hp supercharged 5.0-liter Coyote V8 engine allowing for a 3.4-second 0-60mph time and a top speed exceeding 170mph. And while we already possessed a decent idea of what the Cobra GT Roadster was going to look like, AC Cars has now confirmed our suspicions via the release of official images of the new limited production model. 

2024 AC Cars Cobra GT Roadster 1
Photo: AC Cars

Successor to the AC Cobra Mk. VI, the car is constructed around an all-new, highly-advanced  extruded aluminum spaceframe chassis that was engineered specifically for this new model by Italian outfits Icona Design Group and Cecomp Spa. Representing a thoroughly modern take on the 1960s era Cobra, the new GT Roadster-spec puts a sleek spin on its predecessor’s outward design, with a widebody interpretation of the car that features ultra-flared fenders opening up space for markedly larger 10-arm wheels and tires, and all LED lighting throughout including Halo-style circular LED headlights. Tipping the scales at under 3,100bs at the curb, the car also sports roll-bar-protected sports seats, a central hood scoop, and  an open grille-delete design. 

2024 AC Cars Cobra GT Roadster 2
Photo: AC Cars

Seemingly in a bid to help compensate for the next-gen model’s ample power, the car’s wheelbase has also been slightly stretched to bolster stability, and now measures 101.18”. In addition to six-piston front calipers and top-shelf suspension, the Cobra GT Roadster is also being offered with the buyer’s choice of either a six-speed manual or a 10-speed automatic transmission — both of which send power to the car’s rear wheels. The car will also boast a slew of modern amenities including power windows, climate control, and a nav-connected infotainment system.

2024 AC Cars Cobra GT Roadster 3
Photo: AC Cars

Offered with a wide range of configurable options, the 2024 AC Cars Cobra GT Roadster is available for order now, with a release date scheduled for later this Spring. Though pricing has yet to be finalized, the new next-gen AC Cobra will reportedly start at around £285,000 (~ $343,330).