UBCO Rolls Out a Special Edition Of Its Utilitarian AWD 2×2 eBike

2023 UBCO 2x2 Special Edition 0 Hero
Photos: UBCO

From the Rokon Trail-Breaker to Yamaha’s Aussie market AG200, purpose-built “farm bikes” have existed for decades. And while the design of these rugged two-wheeled workhorses have changed very little over the years, the segment has recently been evolving with the debut of electric farm bikes like the Volcon Grunt and UBCO 2×2 — the latter of which has just been unveiled in a new, factory-upgraded, limited edition variant christened the UBCO 2×2 Special Edition.

2023 UBCO 2x2 Special Edition 1
Photo: UBCO

A pre-accessorized turnkey two-wheeler that takes the base model’s already immense versatility to new heights, the 2×2 Special Edition wears a two-tone livery, with the top-half of the bike sporting an OD green finish while the bottom half of the vehicle has been cloaked in gloss black — both of which are juxtaposed via orange accents. The Special Edition comes loaded with front and rear cargo racks as standard — the former of which comes outfitted with a set of orange front Giant Loop Pronghorn multi-purpose stretch straps. Sporting a matching OD green hue contrasted via orange trim is an included frame-housed 12-liter center carry-all bag and an UBCO-designed detachable weatherproof 30-liter rear case with reinforced seams and welded zippers. Also included is a mechanically locking, magnetic vibration-dampening phone mount from Peak Design. 

2023 UBCO 2x2 Special Edition 2
Photo: UBCO

Weighing in at 156lbs, the bike features a 30-mph top speed, front and rear hub motors that afford all-wheel drive capabilities, and a 3.1-kWh battery pack that affords a 75-mile range and boasts a 4 to 6-hour charge time. Rolling on a set of 17” aluminum rims equipped with 9-gauge stainless steel spokes, the Special Edition also gets an LED headlight, new reflectors, and an improved regenerative braking system that all collectively bolster safety while on the road. Improving security is a battery that locks onto the frame, a steering lock, and a fob-operated keyless ignition. The swing-arm of the bike has also been uniquely numbered with each example’s respective serial number. Said to boast increased responsiveness and control, the Special Edition is rounded out via a full-height skid plate, a lighter and shorter front fender, and a reengineered seat trimmed in OD upholstery.

2023 UBCO 2x2 Special Edition 3
Photo: UBCO

The 2023 UBCO 2×2 Special Edition is available for order now, with pricing starting at $6,999.