Polestar Unveils Its First Luxury SUV Model Ahead of Its October Release

Photo: Polestar

Though Polestar was founded back in 1996, it wasn’t until 2017 that the Swedish firm pivoted into being its own standalone EV brand. Since that time, Polestar has been incredibly busy, churning out two production models, a handful of special-edition variants, numerous concept cars, and several collaborative efforts. As if that weren’t enough, the electric carmaker has now revealed the very first images of its forthcoming SUV, the all-new Polestar 3.

Following the brand’s existing naming conventions, this third model aims to tap into the popular luxury SUV space, while still retaining the sporty and sustainable qualities that have attracted drivers to Polestar in the first place. The Polestar 3 also maintains the company’s signature design language, boasting a sleek and recognizable appearance even as a raised-up SUV.

While information and specs on the upcoming SUV are incredibly scant, we do know it will boast a high-performance dual-motor electric powertrain, a targeted range of 372 miles on a single charge, and a state-of-the-art NVIDIA processor. Polestar has also claimed that its SUV looks to raise the bar in other areas such as sustainability, drivability, and overall usability. The Polestar 3 will also come loaded with what’s being touted as a best-in-class LiDAR sensor — courtesy of Lumina.

Slated to debut in October of 2022, the Polestar 3 electric sport utility vehicle will be manufactured in America. The SUV also marks the latest step in Polestar’s plan to release a new model every three years, while also tapping into 30 new regional markets and growing its global presence tenfold by 2025.

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