Morgan Unleashes a Neo-Retro Three-Wheeler with Its Super 3 Model

Photos: Morgan Motor Company

Originally founded in 1910, the Morgan Motor Company is an iconic British marque that’s deeply rooted in tradition with an entirely hand-built operation producing three-wheelers that harken back to its models from the early 1900s. And while it’s been a full two decades since the Malvern manufacturer debuted an entirely new model, Morgan is now taking a step in a more contemporary direction with the release of its most modern model to date.

Unlike Morgan’s continuation-style cars like the PlusFour, the brand-new Super 3 is a completely novel design that puts a thoroughly modern spin on the company’s traditional three-wheelers while still being instantly recognizable as a Morgan. Riding on all-new 20” aero-style wheels that come shod in Speedmaster MKIII tires that were designed by Avon specifically for the Super 3, Morgan’s new model is crafted around an all-new three-piece structural aluminum casting that mates the car’s engine, front suspension, and monocoque. Powering the Super 3 is a 1,432cc Dragon inline-three engine that’s been mated to a five-speed Mazda MX-5 manual gearbox and is good for 118hp, 110ft-lbs of torque, a top speed of 130mph, and a 0-60mph time of seven seconds.

Alongside an available “rear exoskeleton” luggage rack and side-mounted “diffuser plates,” the Super 3 also sports new accessory rails that allow owners to mount panniers, racks, camera and phone mounts, cup-holders, and a host of other optional add-ons. Circular LED headlights also come as standard, and Morgan has partnered with Malle London to offer ultra-premium soft and hard-shell panniers for the Super 3. What’s more, the interior boasts a modern IP64-rated instrumentation setup with digital dials and switchgear, and can also be optioned with a plethora of different weather-resistant, hydrophobic technical fabrics and leathers.

Available beginning later this summer, the 2023 Morgan Motor Company Super 3 — which thus far is exclusive to its native UK market — starts from £41,995 (~$56,200). And, for those interested in piecing together their own example, Morgan has also debuted an online Super 3 configurator on its website.

Purchase: $56,200+

Photo: Morgan Motor Company
Photo: Morgan Motor Company
Photo: Morgan Motor Company