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TopCar Debuts a Porsche 992 Stinger GTR Drenched in Brown Carbon Fiber

As one of the most popular and iconic automotive brands in history, making a Porsche look and perform better while also being tasteful seems like a near-insurmountable task. Thankfully, there are a handful of Porsche tuners in the world that are brave and savvy enough to do the impossible and improve upon these gorgeous automobiles. One such tuner is Russia-based TopCar, which made headlines for dressing a modern 911 Turbo S in full carbon fiber to great success. Now, the Ruskies are back at it again with arguably their most gorgeous project yet: a brown carbon edition of their blockbuster Porsche 992 Stinger GTR.

Brown isn’t a color that people often associate with high-end luxury sports cars. In fact, most would argue that brown evokes retro station wagon vibes, but then again, most people aren’t elite Porsche tuners. TopCar went out on a creative limb and wrapped the iconic 992 in a resplendent “chocolate”-colored carbon fiber, and boy does it look incredible. The color is deep and rich while still allowing the famous carbon fiber patterns to pop. TopCar left no stone unturned when building this beauty, using 84 separate carbon fiber pieces, each made with four layers of carbon fiber, to replace the stock panels of the original 992. For added flair and style points, they even incorporated a slick-looking brown camouflage pattern on the inside of the frunk lid. Aside from the exterior modifications, the brown carbon fiber motif extends to the interior of the car, defying fashion faux pas and making brown and black look fantastic together. In all honestly, we think even Clarkson, Hammond, and May would all be fans of this brown car.

Additional sound and performance modifications include a Kline Innovation exhaust system, although it seems that TopCar kept the original, high-performing powertrain unmodified. TopCar has not specified pricing for this body package, however, the original 992 Stinger GTR Carbon Edition body kit retailed for around $112,953, excluding optional add-ons. For more information, visit TopCar’s website.

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