STROSEK’s Bespoke 296-HP Porsche 964 Is the Ultimate 1990s 911 Restomod

Photos: MOHR Group

After spending several years honing his skills under famed German designer Luigi Colani, Vittorio Strosek would found STROSEK Autodesign — an ultra-high-end yet little-known Porsche tuning outfit located just outside of Munich — in 1982. Starting with modifying 928s before moving on to the 944 Turbo, STROSEK Autodesign has produced a myriad of heavily-modified Porsche models over the last four decades, the latest of which is the “MEGA 30” — a bespoke, up-specced 964 that’s been built with a spare-no-expense approach.

Based on a 1990 964 donor, the MEGA 30 sports a full STROSEK body kit with custom front and rear bumpers, a deployable wing, side skirts, custom LED headlights supplemented by bumper-integrated DRLs, and ultra-flared wheel wells to accommodate an extra-beefy set of Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires. The MEGA 30 also rides on a custom set of wheels that were designed to pay homage to the iconic five-spoke Fuchs rims, albeit in modern form. Additional performance upgrades come from the installation of a KW coil-over suspension setup backed by upgraded stabilizer bars.

Under its modified rear-decklid, the MEGA 30 packs a 296-hp, RS-spec 3.6L flat-six engine that’s been treated to a lightweight flywheel, an upgraded clutch, an up-specced ECU, RS engine mounts, and a bespoke STROSEK exhaust system with a 100-cell catalytic converter. The fully-bespoke “Cuoio” interior of this Singer-esque Porsche also features a pair of RECARO bucket seats, a carbon fiber trim package, a MOMO steering wheel, STROSEK carpets, an Alcantara dash and headliner, and a custom STROSEK gear lever and pedal set.

Though commissioning a build from STROSEK Autodesign typically comes with a lengthy waiting list, a zero-mile specimen of the German tuner’s 1990 Porsche 964 ‘MEGA 30’ is currently for sale through exotic and collector car dealer the MOHR Group in Munich, Germany, with an asking price of €300,000 (~$340,000).

Purchase: $340,000

Photo: MOHR Group
Photo: MOHR Group
Photo: MOHR Group