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One Of Canepa’s 800-HP “Reimagined” Porsche 959SC Supercars Is For Sale

Photos: Canepa

In 1986, Porsche unleashed its game-changing 959 supercar — a Group B-derived monster that, upon its release, held the honor of being the fastest production car on the planet. Alongside playing a key role in the passing of the legislation that allowed the 959 to be driven on U.S. shores — with some help from none other than Bill Gates and Paul Allen — legendary Porsche tuner Bruce Canepa also further developed the already highly-capable 959, upgrading just about every component of the vehicle to produce what was christened the 959SC — or the 959 “Reimagined” By Canepa.

Starting with the engine, the team at Canepa completely overhauled the 959’s flat-six, resulting in a 2.85-liter mill that benefits from an upgraded parallel twin-turbo system backed by Borg-Warner turbo assists. The extensive work “under the hood” has resulted in an output of 800+ hp and 600ft-lbs of torque. The SC-spec 959’s running gear has also been upgraded and now features Penske-custom-valved shocks and titanium coil-over springs, plus a custom set of 18” wheels that use modern tech while being visually inspired by the 959’s original rims.

In total, thousands of expert man hours are spent building each SC specimen, with more than 3,000 individual pieces being restored, rebuilt, or upgraded over the course of each build. Equipped with a six-speed manual transmission, torque vectoring, and an advanced all-wheel drive system, this particular 1988 Porsche 959SC wears a Porsche Emerald Green and a custom matching green interior. What’s more, this Reimagined 959 is also one of only 50 SC-spec examples ever built by Canepa.

This 1988 Porsche 959SC “Reimagined” By Canepa (Chassis # 003) is currently for sale through Canepa, and while its price is available upon request, we anticipate an asking price well into seven-figure territory.

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Photo: Canepa
Photo: Canepa
Photo: Canepa