BMW Concept Roadster Motorcycle 1

BMW Concept Roadster Motorcycle

If Bimmer’s current concept car lineups are any indication of what’s to come, we would have to say that the German auto maker’s future looks promising. Motorcycle fans fret not, as the brand’s 2-wheeled department also looks to be in … Continue reading


Mini Superleggera Vision 1

Mini Superleggera Vision

Admittedly, we’ve never been huge fans of the current Mini Roadster. So when we heard the German auto maker was presenting a new iteration of the drop-top, we weren’t overly excited. That is, until we actually saw it. The Mini … Continue reading


BAC Mono Single Seat Race Car 1

BAC Mono Single Seat Race Car

“It’s not always about the horsepower,” sounds like one of those clichéd cop outs; the equivalent of “It’s the motion of the ocean,” for the guy with the Prius. But actually, it’s true. The BAC Mono ($130,000) proves it, because … Continue reading


Kawasaki W650 By Revival Cycles 1

Kawasaki W650 By Revival Cycles

Kawasaki may have discontinued the W650 a few years ago due to emissions regulations, but that hasn’t stopped the gearheads at Austin, Texas-based Revival Cycles from putting their spin on a bike that was clearly inspired by the British motorcycles … Continue reading


Marble Smart Electric Skateboard 1

Marble Smart Electric Skateboard

Taking your skateboard to work sounds like a fun way to save on gas and beat traffic, but then you realize you live eight miles from your job and you don’t want to arrive looking like you just outran the … Continue reading


Kimberley Kruiser Off Road Carvan 1

Kimberley Kruiser Off Road Caravan

Looking to completely rethink the way you look at camper trailers, the Kimberly Kruiser was built to tackle the great outdoors, while providing luxury amenities that you would never imagine for such a vehicle. The Australians are really on to … Continue reading


Mansory G63 AMG 6×6 Full Carbon Edition 1

Mansory G63 AMG 6×6 Full Carbon Edition

Mercedes-Benz caught the attention of every automotive enthusiast when they released the menacing G63 AMG 6×6, and now the customization team at Mansory looks to up the ante. Say hello to the even more menacing Mansory G63 AMG 6×6 Full … Continue reading


Bultaco Rapitan Electric Motorcycle 1

Bultaco Rapitan Electric Motorcycle

When Bultaco closed its doors over 30 years ago, we thought we would never see a bike stamped with that iconic logo hit the assembly line again. Thankfully the brand is back in action, making their triumphant return with the … Continue reading


INKAS Huron APC Armored Vehicle 1

INKAS Huron APC Armored Vehicle

If the amount of zombie-proof vehicles hitting the market are any sign of what’s to come, then we are all doomed. The latest model aimed at the post-apocalyptic world is the INKAS Huron APC. Technically it’s a SWAT team vehicle, … Continue reading


Rolls-Royce Powered Claydon Reeves Aeroboat 1

Rolls-Royce Powered Claydon Reeves Aeroboat

Having a boat with a Rolls-Royce engine inside it is the kind of over-the-top luxury move that would make Robin Leach (remember that guy? Yes, he’s still alive, we just checked) blush. And that’s exactly what’s happening here with the … Continue reading