Icon Land Rover Defender NAS 110 1

Icon Land Rover Defender NAS 110

In all of its iterations, the Land Rover Defender has always cut a formidable figure. But this Icon Defender NAS 110 might just be the prominent face on the vehicle’s Mount Rushmore. Icon’s Jonathan Ward went wild with this 1993 … Continue reading


Mercedes-AMG CLA 45 Shooting Brake (X 117) 2014

Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG Shooting Brake

Once again our friends overseas are blessed with another gem from Benz. Giving the popular CLA sedan the wagon treatment, meet the Europe exclusive Mercedes-Benz CLA Shooting Brake. While there are several CLA Shooting Brakes hitting the scene, the CLA45 … Continue reading


2015 Bentley Grand Convertible 1

2015 Bentley Grand Convertible

Bentley’s Mulsanne has received the drop top treatment as the luxury auto maker pulls the curtain back on the 2015 Bentley Grand Convertible at the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show. Essentially a 2-door yacht for the streets, the Bentley Grand … Continue reading


Lexus LF-C2 Convertible Concept 1

Lexus LF-C2 Convertible Concept

It seems like, design-wise, everything Lexus is touching these days turns to gold. And now the next logical step: a golden car. The golden yellow Lexus LF-C2 convertible concept made its debut at the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show last … Continue reading


2015 Ducati Multistrada 1200 1

2015 Ducati Multistrada 1200

Ducati’s latest masterpiece, recently shown at the EICMA show in Milan, looks like it could be on some whole other level—a level we’d love to be on. The 2015 Multistrada 1200 is loaded with top-of-the-line technology, but it all starts … Continue reading


Mini Citysurfer Electric Scooter Concept 0

Mini Citysurfer Electric Scooter Concept

How do you get more mini than a Mini? Subtract two wheels and a few thousand pounds and voila! You have the Mini Citysurfer Concept. Mini is so pumped up about this little guy that they introduced him at the … Continue reading


2014 Chevrolet Chaparral 2X Vision Gran Turismo 1

Chevrolet Chaparral 2X Vision Gran Turismo

Under the heading of Another Reason Not to Trade in Your PlayStation 3 comes this news from Chevrolet: The automaker has designed a concept car for Gran Turismo 6 that’s inspired by – here we go – spaceships. It’s called … Continue reading


2016 Mercedes-Maybach S600 1

2016 Mercedes-Maybach S600

Rappers rejoice, your favorite big body Benz is back on the scene. That’s right, Daimler’s flagship marque has been resurrected in the 2016 Mercedes-Maybach S600. Like a yacht on wheels, the Maybach S600 is essentially a bigger and badder S-Class, … Continue reading


Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 Concept

2015 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2

Chevrolet shows that coupes and sedans aren’t the only vehicles they have up their sleeves during this year’s Los Angeles Auto Show as they unveil the 2015 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 to the world. Powered by a 2.8-liter Duramax diesel engine, … Continue reading


Alfa Romeo 4C Definitiva 1

Alfa Romeo 4C Definitiva

If chocolate can get an assist from peanut butter, who’s to say the gorgeous Alfa Romeo 4C can’t be improved upon? The mad scientists at Lazzarini Design have taken the 4C, with all its carbon fiber and impeccable handling, and … Continue reading