Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe Nighthawk 1

Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe Nighthawk

Occasionally we tend to complain about the odd car here and there that doesn’t make its way to the States, but really, we shouldn’t. We live in America, dammit; we get plenty of exclusives. Case in point, Rolls-Royce’s newest special … Continue reading


Hutte Hut Trailer 1

Hutte Hut Trailer

Just like we saw in the Super Bowl, sometimes a rookie is the best person for the job. Design newcomers Sprouting Sprocket – comprised of husband and wife Brian and Katrina Manzo – are generating a buzz with their clever … Continue reading


Kahn Design Range Rover RS600

Land Rover Defender Flying Huntsman 105 Longnose

The Land Rover Defender is not a vehicle that needs any modification, but that hasn’t stopped the team at Kahn Design from consistently pumping out custom versions of the beloved go anywhere vehicle. This time around the company’s CEO and … Continue reading


John Deere ZTrack 900 Airless-Tire Mower

John Deere ZTrack 900 Airless-Tire Mower

Don’t kick the tires on John Deere’s new ZTrack 900 Airless-Tire Mower. You’ll only hurt your foot. Using Michelin’s open-air wheels – Tweels, as Michelin calls them – in the back, this commercial-grade ride-on mower is built for serious grass-cutting. The … Continue reading


USSV Rhino GX 1


Even if their horns are made out of the same type of protein that makes up hair and fingernails, rhinoceroses are still an unmistakable symbol of power. So yeah, if you’re building a 4×4 with strength and toughness as the … Continue reading


Bett Mobil Extendable Volkswagen Multivan 1

Bett Mobil Extendable Volkswagen Multivan

One doesn’t need a massive RV to lumber cross-country to find himself. The latest example of this fact comes via the Bett Mobil, a smartly designed add-on that transforms the Volkswagen Multivan into a full-fledged camper when you need it. … Continue reading


Hondo Grattan by Deus Ex Machina 1

Hondo Grattan by Deus Ex Machina

Global custom builders Deus Ex Machina were quick to get their hands on a Ducati Scrambler, and the result, billed as the Hondo Grattan, looks pretty special. Unveiled at Verona’s Motor Bike Expo, the bike showcases new aluminum bodywork, a single-piece … Continue reading


Chop-E Electric Bike 2

Chop-E Electric Bike

Chop-E is a new electric two-wheeler out of – whoa – Estonia, and if that alone weren’t cool enough, the thing actually looks like a lot of fun. Let’s investigate. You can see right away where they got the name … Continue reading


2016 Yamaha Wolverine R-Spec 1

2016 Yamaha Wolverine R-Spec

There’s Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, and then there’s the actual wolverine, a fearless, ferocious little skunk bear that’s usually up for any kind of challenge. We believe it’s that kind of wolverine that the 2016 Wolverine R-Spec is referencing. Featuring a … Continue reading


Best Electric Bikes

Jump Start: The 6 Best Electric Bikes

If there is a hell then it isn’t a fiery inferno where guys dressed in fetish gear poke you with farm implements. Rather it is going to be a place where you are eternally stuck in rush hour traffic with … Continue reading