uKeg Pressurized Portable Growler 1

uKeg Pressurized Portable Growler

You want, no, demand your beer is always fresh and cold, but that usually means it can’t come with you as well. But what about your nephew’s 4th grade school play? How will you survive that trainwreck if you’re not sportin’ a … Continue reading


Bomber Barrel Bag 1

Bomber Barrel Bag

Paper or plastic? How many bags will you be checking? Was that a human foot I saw in there? There’s just way too many questions about bags these days. If you’d like to simplify the stuff-carrying process, the Bomber Barrel … Continue reading


Best Cross Country Skis

Easy Sliders: The 7 Best Cross Country Skis

Whipping down a mountain at 90 miles per hour isn’t everyone’s idea of a fun winter sport. Some people still think that risking life and limb just to go down a hill really fast isn’t the most fun you can … Continue reading


Slice Box Cutter 0

Slice Box Cutter

Just when you thought a box cutter was just a box cutter, Slice hit the scene, and this thing is really looking to shake things up. First off lets start with aesthetics. Sure it’s a box cutter, but the beautifully … Continue reading


BottleLoft 1

BottleLoft Magnetic Beer Holders

The Charlotte based team at Strong Like Bull Magnets have used their expertise to create a product that all of us guys would love to have in our homes – the BottleLoft. With our constant pizza deliveries and six-pack purchases, … Continue reading


Best Snowboard Ski Goggles

Snowblind: The 12 Best Ski and Snowboarding Goggles

The release of a large set of new ski and snowboarding goggles by some of the big names in the downhill business is a reason to celebrate, then snap some up and wait for the mountain snow to fly. There … Continue reading


Best Ice Axes

Cold Cuts: The 6 Best Ice Axes

The term “Ice Axe” has changed numerous times over the years. The original ice axes were built like trekking poles and meant for hiking and prodding while the most modern ones are intended for scaling any icy wall that nature … Continue reading


B-bag Bartenders Bag 1

B-bag Bartender’s Bag

Whether you’re a bartender on the go, or, perhaps more likely, a guy who just wants everyone to swoon over him when he shows up at the party, the B-bag has room for everything you need to start mixing delicious … Continue reading


KeySmart 2 0 Key Holder 1

KeySmart 2.0 Key Holder

Once you’ve found your personalized keychain at Disney World, you’ve pretty much hit the top of Keychain Mountain. From there it’s just a lifetime of “Where’d I put my keys?”, “Why do I have so many keys?”, and “What is … Continue reading


Blackfire Clamplight Backpack 0

Blackfire Clamplight Backpack

First off, you may have noticed that this isn’t actually a backpack. In fact it’s a flashlight, but don’t let the confusing name deter you as the Blackfire Clamplight Backpack is well worth its weight in gold. An ample light … Continue reading