Wearable Marvel Sleeping Bags by Selkbag

Wearable Marvel Sleeping Bags by Selk’bag

For the adult that loved Underoos as a kid and still wants to wear them, yet also wants to avoid the strange glances that come with buying superhero underwear as an adult, these Marvel costumes/sleeping bags by


Best Dive Knives

Deep Cuts: The 7 Best Diving Knives

It is easy for human beings to forget that we cover only the tiniest portion of the surface of the Earth. We’re impressed with ourselves because we have thumbs and build skyscrapers and watch reality television shows, but we forget … Continue reading


Mountain Surfer by Jones Snowboards 0

Mountain Surfer by Jones Snowboards

A creative take on the snowboards we know and love, the Mountain Surfer allows you to do just that – carve up some white winter waves. Ditch the bindings, sift the shape a bit, and you’ve got yourself a Mountain … Continue reading


Best Cocktail Shaker

Not Stirred: The 9 Best Cocktail Shakers

In the frontier days when men rode the ranges, slept out under the stars, and settled their arguments with gunplay, you had to drink whatever rotgut was available. You drank it straight out of the bottle and you were damn … Continue reading


iPhone 6 Adventure Case by Urban Armor Gear 1

iPhone 6 Adventure Case by Urban Armor Gear

Urban Armor’s Gear ultra rugged Adventure Case was among our favorite picks for the iPhone 5, and now the design team is back with their iPhone 6 version. Designed for the larger, 4.7-inch display Apple iPhone 6 (there’s also an … Continue reading


LUUV Camera Stabilizer 1

LUUV Camera Stabilizer

So with GoPros becoming more common than clever Old Spice commercials, we’re all being forced to watch a lot of shaky footage. Is this what the HD revolution was all about? No. There is a better way. LUUV is a full three-axis-stabilizer which promises … Continue reading


Best Motorcycle Gloves

Ride Hard: The 6 Best Motorcycle Gloves

Motorcycle riders know that the gear they use on the road is a matter of life and death; or at the very least, life and serious injury. Without the right leathers, the right boots, the right helmet, and the right … Continue reading


Tern Perch Bicycle Wall Mount 1

Tern Perch Bicycle Wall Mount

On the list of things that you need but don’t want to spend a lot of time messing around with, the bicycle wall mount is pretty high up there. The Tern Perch knows how you feel and promises a simple, … Continue reading


Best Base Layers

Skin Deep: The 6 Best Base Layers

To be a successful snowboarder, skier, or survivalist nut job burying guns in the woods, you must look deep down. Not deep within yourself, because that kind of self-reflection and naval-gazing won’t help you. Rather you must look deep within … Continue reading



Vvego Gunner Leather Bracelet

If the word “bracelet” somehow turns you off due to any perceived feminine connotations—come on, it’s 2014. But still, if you’d like to wear one and want it as manly as possible, check out the Vvego Gunner Leather Bracelet. This … Continue reading