Best Camping Knives

Outside Edges: The 10 Best Camping Knives

Survival knives are fine if you’re stuck in the wilderness, naked and afraid. Tactical knives will do the job if you’ve been air dropped behind enemy lines and need a combination weapon and rescue blade. Since most of us will … Continue reading


Hydaway Water Bottle 0

Hydaway Water Bottle

By now we’re all aware of how much of a scam bottled water is. But when you’re supposed to drink – what is it up to now – 72 glasses a day for optimum health, it’s hard not to occasionally find yourself … Continue reading


Tactical Wall Clock Hidden Gun Storage 1

Tactical Wall Clock Hidden Gun Storage

The guys at TacticalWalls have carved out a nice little niche in the world of tactical shelving. The team builds hidden storage compartments, designed specifically for hiding your firearms. While we were huge fans of the shelves previously featured on … Continue reading


Best Camping Sleeping Bags

Wild Nights: The 8 Best Sleeping Bags for Camping

Take a good long look – and more importantly, a good long smell – at your current sleeping bag. Has it been moldering away, lo these many years, absorbing groundwater and being stuffed with your masculine musk again and again? … Continue reading


Prometheus Emergency Box Bottle Opener

Prometheus Emergency Key Opener

Not every box that needs opening requires a comprehensive multi-tool, and not every bottle top requires a bulky opener. That’s what the Prometheus Emergency Box/Bottle Opener (EKO) was created for. All of us already own one (if not several) multi-tools … Continue reading


Hickies Elastic Lacing System 1

Hickies Elastic Lacing System

You just jumped on the treadmill or hit the trail for a nice running session, and wouldn’t you know it – your shoe laces came untied again. This is a frustrating problem experienced by nearly everyone, and Hickies Elastic Lacing … Continue reading


Best Fillet Knives For Fishing

Boat Cuts: The 8 Best Fillet Knives for Fishing

A reeler and an angler might love their lures, their bait, and their boat, but there’s one thing that you’ll never find a serious fisherman without, his fillet knife. A fillet knife is the savior of anyone trying to clean … Continue reading


Lexdray Mont Blanc Pack 1

Lexdray Mont Blanc Pack

Remember the bindle? That was the old-time stick-and-cloth carrying contraption that you’d see in cartoons anytime the main character had to hit the road. It was cute for its time, but if you’re serious about hiking, you’re gonna need something … Continue reading


4-in-1 Bar Tool 1

4-in-1 Bar Tool

Your decluttering efforts should go well past your workspace, and flood right into the home bar. Ditch the random assortment of bar tools and opt for the 4-in-1 Bar Tool. This bad boy combines 4 essentials bar tools into one … Continue reading


SipaBoard Electric Self-Inflating SUP 1

SipaBoard Electric Self-Inflating SUP

We love hitting the water on our stand up paddleboards, but we’d be lying if we said the large size wasn’t a pain in the butt to store and transport. The team at SipaBoards is looking to revolutionize the young … Continue reading