Ambition Snowskates 0

Ambition Snowskates

Snowboards are great and all, but anyone who’s grown up skateboarding knows that they don’t quite replicate the freedom you experience while shredding the streets on your skateboard. Thankfully the Canada based team at Ambition had the same thought process, … Continue reading


Waterwolf MPX-3 Electric Surfboard 0

Waterwolf MPX-3 Electric Surfboard

Waiting for a killer wave in Kansas is like waiting for Ke$ha to be considered classic—it’s not happening. So for the wannabe surfer who lives nowhere near any surf, the Waterwolf MPX-3 electric surfboard could be a revelation. Drop this … Continue reading


TIHK Tiny Inconspicuous Handcuff Key 1

TIHK Tiny Inconspicuous Handcuff Key

So that last session with Mistress Madeline didn’t go quite as smoothly as you hoped, and after she helped herself to your chips and hummus (and the contents of your wallet), she left you on the floor in handcuffs. Now … Continue reading


Repurposed Jerry Cans 2

Danish Fuel Repurposed Jerry Cans

For the World War II buffs out there whose significant other refuses to let them house a M3 Gun Motor Carriage tank destroyer in the garage, how about this instead: a Repurposed Jerry Can from Danish Fuel that acts as a … Continue reading


In1 Multi-Tool iPhone Case 0

In1 Multi-Tool iPhone Case

As many apps that are out there, sometimes it takes more than software to tackle a hard problem. Ever try removing a splinter with Angry Birds or Flappy Bird or Fly Birdie? Makes you wanna give somebody the bird. The … Continue reading


Brew Cutlery Utensils With Built-In Bottle Openers 1

Brew Cutlery Utensils With Built-In Bottle Openers

Get ready to blow a fuse. Go ballistic. Get your knickers in a twist. Whatever. We expect you’ll have the same angry reaction we had when you see Brew Cutlery; an idea so damn sensible it literally hurts that we didn’t think of … Continue reading


Decked Truck Bed Organizer 1

Decked Truck Bed Organizer

After three years of research and development, along with some help from the Detroit based Altair Product Design group, DECKED has created the ultimate storage system solution for pickup trucks. Introducing the Decked Truck Bed Organizer. Your truck bed already … Continue reading


The Connoisseurs Vault 1

The Connoisseur’s Vault

When one has amassed a collection of fine treasures, the garage is hardly the place to store them. Check out the Connoisseur’s Vault from Hammacher Schlemmer, a home vault with secure storage for the stuff you love perhaps a little too … Continue reading

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Barocook Flameless Cooker 1

Barocook Flameless Cooker

Aside from Superman’s heat vision, this may be the best way to cook without fire, gas, or electricity. The Barocook Flameless Cooker uses non-toxic, self-heating pads to get the party started. All you do is put the pad in the container, add the right amount … Continue reading


Nike SB Winter Competition Kit 2

Nike SB Winter Competition Kit

If you’re gonna pull of an Air-to-Fakie, followed by a Stalefish, and close it out with a Bloody Dracula (all real snowboarding moves, btw), you can’t do it in ratty jean shorts and a sleeveless T-shirt. Nike knows this, and the Nike SB Competition Kit is all … Continue reading