Best Approach Shoes

Call of the Hill: The 8 Best Approach Shoes

If the words “approach shoes” are new to you, let us break them down: They’re a combination of hiking boot and rock climbing shoe that are made for people who prefer a little more verticality to their ascent. You can just … Continue reading


Best Suspended Tree Tents

Airborn: The 7 Best Suspended Tree Tents

Humankind was not meant to live only on the ground. Our genetic cousins are all apes, who live mostly in trees, free from the rigors of the earth and life in the mud. We should not only walk and crawl … Continue reading


Oakley Jawbreaker Sunglasses 1

Oakley Jawbreaker Sunglasses

Aimed squarely at cyclists, Oakley’s new Jawbreaker sunglasses are all about giving you the best view possible—pretty important stuff when you’re competing with SUVs for road space. Oakley extended the field of view in the upper peripheral region from its … Continue reading


Soma Water Filter Pitcher 1

Soma Water Filter Pitcher

Unless you’re making some massive abstract art piece, that collection of empty water bottles in your kitchen is just a major waste of plastic. If you’re ready for a more sensible and sustainable solution to fresh water, check out the … Continue reading


Lenkr V1-Walnut Handlebar 1

Lenkr V1-Walnut Handlebar

Made in Berlin, the Lenkr V1 Walnut Handlebar was designed for both fixed gear bikes, offering up an aesthetically pleasing piece that is functional at the same time. Constructed from a solid piece of walnut, this handlebar is a great … Continue reading


The Roomel Privacy Towel 0

The Roomel Privacy Towel

We’ve all had that awkward situation at the beach where you need to change out of out of your jeans in the car, contorting your body while making sure no passersby are offended at your brief moment of in-vehicle nudity. The … Continue reading


Brik LEGO Case for MacBooks 1

Brik LEGO Case for MacBooks

Are you ready to be the coolest kid in the coffee shop? If you’re a fan of MacBooks and LEGO, you’re about to experience a significant nerdgasm. But to be clear, the delightful Brik Case is not officially licensed by … Continue reading


GRIPcarve Longboards by Wood Studio 1

GRIPcarve Longboards by Wood Studio

The upcoming summer season means we’ll be spending a whole lot more time cruising the beaches on our longboards. And while we already have a few in our arsenal, the GRIPcarve Longboard might be too good to pass up on. … Continue reading


Best Surfboards For Beginners

Wave Riders: The 7 Best Surfboards for Beginners

Odds are pretty high that unless you’re fortunate enough to live in Malibu or Oahu, then everything you know about surfing comes from that time you watched Point Break. Well, brah, it’s not too late to learn and to find … Continue reading


Blauer 80s Motorcycle Helmet 1

Blauer 80’s Motorcycle Helmet

If Tom Cruise had worn a helmet in Top Gun (and really, he should have, because safety first, Tom), we’re guessing he would’ve worn something like this: the 80’s Helmet from Blauer. Known for creating protective gear and garb for … Continue reading