Australian V8 Chainsaw

Australian V8 Chainsaw

We’re not saying that a chainsaw powered by an 8-cylinder engine is necessary, we’re just saying that it’s completely awesome. The single chainsaw to rule them all, this bad boy was built by the team at Whitlands Engineering out of … Continue reading


Ostrich Pillow Mini 1

Ostrich Pillow Mini

The name Studio Banana Things may not ring a bell right away, but most of you are certainly familiar with the Ostrich Pillow – the nap pillow that went viral all over the web just a few years ago. Now … Continue reading


Snap! 6 iPhone 6 Case 1

Snap! 6 iPhone 6 Case

So you’ve got a shiny new iPhone 6: Now what? The logical next step is probably to get a case, but what about snagging one that makes your pictures of your gorgeous girlfriend even better? The Snap! 6 case promises … Continue reading


Best Snow Shovel

Clear a Path: The 8 Best Snow Shovels

During the summer there is a dark corner in your garage where no one every goes and smart men refuse to even look. They know what hangs there like an executioners axe. A hateful item that nonetheless must one day … Continue reading


Cam-O-Bunk 1

Cam-O-Bunk: Portable Camp Bunk Beds

If you’re expecting company for the holidays, and you’re not sure who’s had a baby in the past year and who hasn’t, we’ve found a way for you to be sleepover-ready: It’s called the Cam-O-Bunk, and it’s part cot, part … Continue reading


Wine2Go Foldable Wine Bottle 1

Wine2Go Foldable Wine Bottle

We’ve covered the coolest flasks on the retail market, but let’s face it, most of these options don’t have the capacity for wine drinkers. Thankfully Wine2Go was already working on a solution, and have rolled out their ingenious Foldable Wine … Continue reading


StakeLights- Tent Stakes with LED Lights 1

StakeLights: LED Tent Stakes

The folks at UCO know that staying safe in the backcountry is of the utmost importance. To help make navigation of your campsite both safe and easy, they’ve introduced the StakeLight. Seeing that every tent needs tent stakes, they figured … Continue reading


Six Mile Pencil 1

Six Mile Pencil

Ah, the pencil. You’d thought you had used it for all it was worth and left your last No. 2 behind in high school. Surely no more fun can be had with this ancient creation, right? Wrong. The Six Mile … Continue reading


LEGO x Moleskine 2014 Notebook Collection 1

LEGO x Moleskine 2014 Notebook Collection

Every year our favorite stationary brand teams up with our favorite toy brand to create a collection of notebooks. Today we get our first look at the Moleskine x LEGO 2014 Notebook Collection. The collection includes 4 different colored notebooks, … Continue reading


Anti-Monster Emergency Kits 1

Anti-Monster Emergency Kits

It’s a known fact that we love zombies around these parts (and really any kind of monsters for that matter), so it should come as no surprise that we instantly fell in love with these Anti-Monster Emergency Kits. Designed by … Continue reading