Frame Folio Bicycle Portfolio by Hard Graft 1

Frame Folio Bicycle Portfolio by Hard Graft

Can you remain a classy gentleman while bicycling? It depends. Are there baseball cards between your spokes? If not, you’ve got a chance. And you can boost those chances with the Frame Folio by Hard Graft. This is a stylish … Continue reading


Gerber Gearstrike Knife Series 0

Gerber Ghostrike Knife Series

We never hit the backcountry without our survival knife, but for everyday carry, it’s much too bulky. Sure there are plenty of pocket knives that will get the job done nicely, but Gerber is looking to innovate – and we’re … Continue reading


Best Leaf Blowers

In The Wind: The 5 Best Leaf Blowers

Sure, it’s the peak of summer and the sun is shining, trees are blooming, and dogs are in heat, but that is soon to change. Given the schizophrenic nature of the weather thanks to climate change, autumn could hit at … Continue reading


Aer Duffel Pack Gym And Work Bag 1

Aer Duffel Pack Gym And Work Bag

It’s safe to say that, if people really wanted laptops that smelled like gym socks, Apple would’ve invented the Mac Pungent Air by now. But no, keeping your work stuff separate from your workout stuff is vital, and that usually … Continue reading


Nike Vapor 360 Fielding Glove With No Break-In Time 1

Nike Vapor 360 Fielding Glove With No Break-In Time

So it’s goodbye Derek Jeter after this season, and what the hell, while we’re at it, maybe it’s time to make some other changes in baseball too. While the commissioner mulls over our topless umpires idea, it seems Nike has … Continue reading


Biohazard Zombie Hack N'Slash Knife Set

Biohazard Zombie Hack N’ Slash Knife Set

If there’s one thing you can’t have too much of when the army of the undead begins to the take over the planet, it’s weapons. A good set of blades is always our top choice, and the Biohazard Zombie Hack … Continue reading


Solo Shelter by 5Owls 1

Solo Shelter by 5Owls

Need to clear your head? Get away from it all? OK, so maybe you just got evicted…whatever. Either way, there’s a lot to be said for going nomad and living off the land (and the occasional 7-Eleven). And when it’s … Continue reading


Funnell Eject Backpack and Jacket System

Funnell Eject Backpack and Jacket System

“Comfortably Dry Man” sounds like a pretty tame superhero at first, but then when you see how he transforms, well… OK, he’s still pretty tame, but hey, quite stylishly dry! The transformation happens with the Funnell, a combination backpack and … Continue reading


Mega Hammock 1

Mega Hammock

Just when you thought you had seen it all in the world of hammocks, the Mega Hammock from Hummingbird Hammoacks was born. As the name suggests, this is a giant hammock designed for more than just one lounger to enjoy. … Continue reading


Best Chefs Knives

Tempered Steel: The 9 Best Chef’s Knives

Any job is easier when you are using the right equipment, and gets much harder whenever you are forced to use something inferior. This goes for everything from stock car racing all the way down to the simple task of … Continue reading