Oxx Coffeeboxx 1

Oxx Coffeeboxx

Keurigs are the easiest way to quickly brew up a cup of coffee at home, but what about when you’re on the go? Oxx Coffeboxx has answered that call, with an ultra rugged, completely portable coffee maker compatible with those … Continue reading


Brunton HeatSync Collection 1

Brunton HeatSync Collection

If the recent snowstorms in Buffalo tell us anything, it’s that the days are getting colder. That’s right, winter is coming. Our friends at Brunton thrive in the colder months of the year, and they want you to as well … Continue reading


Athlete Holiday Gift Guide 2014

The Wishlist: The Athlete’s Holiday Gift Guide

There’s a set out there of guys who love sports, maybe a little too much. They’re forever looking for a supplement to give them the perfect pump, seeking out new challenges for their body, and giving you lectures about Kale … Continue reading


Athos Core- Fitness Tracking Apparel 0

Athos Core: Fitness Tracking Apparel

Not everyone likes wearing something on their wrist as they exercise. Maybe they like the uncluttered look, or perhaps there’s a meaningful tattoo of their mom there that they just don’t want to cover up. Whatever the reason, it’s worth … Continue reading


Atacama Motorcycle Expedition Tent 1

Atacama Motorcycle Expedition Tent

The folks at Redverz Gear popped up on our radar a few years back with the release of their Expedition Tent. Fast forward to today, and the brand is on their third iteration of the popular tent, dubbed the Atacama … Continue reading


Dakine BC Utility Vest 1

Dakine BC Utility Vest

Unless your name is Bear Grylls, or Yogi Bear, or basically any kind of bear, you’re gonna need some essential equipment when you go deep into your snowy woods experience. Whether you’re a skier, hunter, or just a guy fond of … Continue reading


Chef Holiday Gift Guide 2014

The Wishlist: The Chef’s Holiday Gift Guide

Every perfect meal begins with a well-equipped kitchen. When you have someone in your life who can whip up a crème brûlée, spends his weekends smoking endless cuts of meat or mixing up his own barbecue sauce, he needs the … Continue reading


WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine 2

WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine

Despite the meager guns on your average local fisherman (cut the guy a break, he’s 67), it’s common knowledge that rowing a boat provides a kickass natural workout. You get that naturally smooth motion that gets your heart going and it … Continue reading


Bike Mount WeatherCase for iPhone 6 1

Bike Mount WeatherCase for iPhone 6

We’ve already laid out our picks for the best iPhone 6 cases on the market, but seeing just how new Apple’s latest addition is, you already know that things will be changing on a regular basis. Whether you’re a casual … Continue reading


Speed-Way Motorcycle Shelter 1

Speed-Way Motorcycle Shelter

Every guy wants a bike, but not every guy has a garage large enough to accommodate more vehicles. Enter the Speed-Way Motorcycle Shelter, the perfect way to protect your 2-wheeler from the elements. The winter season is nearly upon us, … Continue reading