Timberland City Premium Backpack 1

Timberland City Premium Backpack

Timberland is best known for their unbeatable work boots, but offerings like the City Premium Backpack show that they know how to build high quality gear across the entire spectrum. A multi-purpose pack in every sense of the word, this … Continue reading


Best Rooftop Camping Tents

Rolling Homes: The 7 Best Rooftop Camping Tents

Americans, for all their ruggedness, are a little behind the curve when it comes to camping. We seem to believe that camping can only be done in the traditional style: With a tent, a sleeping bag, a camping stove, a … Continue reading


XM42 Handheld Flamethrower 1

XM42 Handheld Flamethrower

What you’re looking at here is the XM42, the world’s first commercially available handheld flamethrower. Yes, the annual church weenie roast is about to get a whole lot more exciting. The key here is there’s no need for heavy pressurized … Continue reading


Walnut Studiolo Leather Whiskey Case 1

Walnut Studiolo Leather Whiskey Case

Perhaps the reason “Have Whiskey, Will Travel” has never caught on as a catchphrase is because if you really care about your bottle off aged booze, you wouldn’t want to travel with it much. But now you can with Walnut … Continue reading


Black Ember Modular Urban Backpacks 1

Black Ember Modular Urban Backpacks

Sometimes you just need space for a tablet and a bagged lunch in your backpack, and sometimes you need three days’ worth of gear. Black Ember has you covered when it comes to both versatility and style with its second-generation … Continue reading


Sugru Self-Setting Rubber 0

Sugru Self-Setting Rubber

What’s this? Could man’s second best friend, duct tape, have some new competition from across the pond? Created by British designers, Sugru is a self-setting rubber, a sort of moldable glue, that goes from a Play Doh-like substance to overnight … Continue reading


Hard Graft Private Dopp Kit 1

Hard Graft Private Dopp Kit

Wash bags are an essential part of any traveling man’s arsenal, and yet it still remains overlooked. Rather than having to burn cash each season on a new dopp kit, why not invest in one that’ll last a lifetime (or … Continue reading


Best Waterproof Backpacks

Wet Totes: The 8 Best Waterproof Backpacks

On the road, whether just riding your commuter bike to work, or heading up the side of Mount McKinley, your gear is your life. When the snow flies or the rain starts to fall, you must protect your equipment at all … Continue reading


RHINO SHIELD Crash Guard for iPhone 6 1

RHINO SHIELD Crash Guard for iPhone 6

RHINO SHIELD has built a reputation for smartphone protection, and now the renowned case is available for both the Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. When you’re looking for top notch protection, without the glitz, glamor and unwanted bulk, this … Continue reading


Best Hydration Packs

Waterbearers: The 8 Best Hydration Packs

When it comes to diet, medical science can’t seem able to reach an agreement. Protein might be good, but it might also be killing you. Carbohydrates are both the key to weight loss and to finding yourself in an early … Continue reading