Festool Sword Saw 0

Festool Sword Saw

Whether you need to cut the crap or cut through all the red tape, you always want the actual cutting process to flow like a hot knife through butter. So when the job calls for penetrating through beams, hard insulation, … Continue reading


Kershaw 1920 Select Fire Multi-Tool 1

Kershaw 1920 Select Fire Multi-Tool

Originally started back in 1974 by Pete Kershaw in Portland, Oregon, Kershaw has since gone on to build quite reputation for itself within the world of knives. And while the Kershaw Select Fire Multi-Tool is a knife first and foremost, … Continue reading


Best Self Defense Knives

On Guard: The 6 Best Self Defense Knives

If you haven’t thought about defending yourself, then you are just begging to be a victim. Criminals make their living off of people who think that a mugging, a robbery, or an attack can’t happen to them. Whenever you leave … Continue reading


CRKT Tool 1


Trailbalzers aren’t always loud and larger than life; sometimes they’re small enough to fit in your pocket. Longtime knife designers Ed Van Hoy and Tom Stokes have come up with the CRKT Tool, a pint-sized creation that echews the typical Swiss … Continue reading


Best Running Jackets

Top Coat: The 6 Best Running Jackets

Runners dream of a world where the road always rises up to meet them and the wind is always at their back. Sadly, with the current weather conditions varying from unpredictable to downright schizophrenic, the days and nights when your … Continue reading


Liquid Key Caddy 1

Liquid Key Caddy

Friends, it appears there’s an epidemic out there that we were not quite aware of. Brace yourselves. New research shows 55% of men have been poked in their plums by their keys at some point in their lives. Tragic. To the rescue … Continue reading


CLICK Snowboard Carabiner 1

CLICK Snowboard Carabiner

When you’re out on the slopes, making an adjustment to your skis or snowboard inevitably becomes an icy race against time as your fingers frantically try to find the right settings before frostbite kicks in. Don’t lose your digits. Check … Continue reading


ZBoard 2 Electric Skateboard 1

ZBoard 2 Electric Skateboard

Electric skateboards are coming on strong as we hit the halfway point of this decade, and the ZBoard 2 promises to be the best of the bunch. More precisely, it promises to be the “lightest, fastest, longest running weight-sensing electric … Continue reading


Microtech Jagdkommando Knife 1

Microtech Jagdkommando Knife

“Aggressive” is certainly one word that comes to mind when we look at Microtech’s MCT1057 Jagdkommando fixed blade knife, but we suppose it doesn’t have to be thrust into a fast-approaching foe—heck, attack your pot roast with it! With its … Continue reading


LowePro ProTactic Camera Backpack 1

LowePro ProTactic Camera Backpack

If you’re like us, you prefer to carry your camera and accompanying gear in a backpack. But not just any camera backpack, preferably one built by the team at LowePro. These guys have built a reputation for designing and developing … Continue reading