NERF Nuke 0

NERF Nuke Fires 80 Darts In All Directions

Many an office Nerf war has dragged on for years, yielding countless casualties, way too many reloads, and multiple projectiles lost under immovable desks. It gets to the point where no one even remembers why the fighting began in the first place. … Continue reading


Yeti Cooler Casket

Yeti Cooler Casket

Yeti coolers are known for their rugged and virtually indestructible construction. Come to think of it, isn’t that what most of us want in a casket as well? Prepare for your final trip to the great outdoors with this Yeti … Continue reading



Vvego T-1 Boot Blade

Whether you’re cutting open some stubborn plastic packaging or slicing into wild board flesh because that’s all you have to eat now since you’ve been living in the woods due to the cops hunting you down for a murder you were … Continue reading


Pearce Knives Forged From Hardware Tools 0

Pearce Knives Forged From Hardware Tools

The ability to make knives out of household items sounds like the kind of thing that would come in handy in prison, or perhaps backstage at the Tonys. But no, there are more opportunities for this skill. Plus they’re legal … Continue reading


Recycled Skateboard Bottle Openers by Scene3 1

Recycled Skateboard Bottle Openers by Scene3

When Whitney Houston sang “Where do Broken Hearts Go,” we answered with a collective shoulder shrug. Actually, a shoulder shrug and a little wrist twist of the radio dial. But when the question asked is “Where do broken skateboards go?” … Continue reading


Pop Up Grill 0

Pop Up Grill

It’s officially camping season, and that means it’s time to scoop up a new portable grill for your outdoor excursions. While there is certainly no shortage of options out there, the Pop Up Grill is one of our personal favorites. … Continue reading


Slim Cruiser Carrier by T-Level 1

Slim Cruiser Carrier by T-Level

Skaters may look like they don’t have a care in the world — zig zagging through traffic, head nodding to an imaginary beat — but they (probably) have real world commitments just like the rest of us. The experts at … Continue reading


TRIM Wallet 1

TRIM Wallet

Bulky wallets are out, slim wallets are in. When it comes to minimalist wallets, few offer better options than our friend Steven Elliot at Dash Wallets. The San Francisco based designer has just introduced his latest offering, the TRIM Wallet. … Continue reading


Tentsile Suspended Tree Tent 1

Tentsile Suspended Tree Tent

Suspended tents have been around for some time, but it was Tentsile who helped put the hammock inspired sleeping quarters on the map. After garnering plenty of attention with their original concept, the Tentsile tree tent is finally available on … Continue reading


Insect Shield Outdoor Blanket 0

Insect Shield Outdoor Blanket

We don’t see many people having picnics anymore. It’s possible that’s because everyone is in a trance-like state with their smartphones and tablets, but it’s also distinctly possible that the bugs just finally won the war. The new Insect Shield Outdoor … Continue reading