Best Yoga Mats

Twist and Shout: The 5 Best Yoga Mats

As men, we’ve all had a moment when we thought that yoga didn’t look like exercise. It doesn’t even really look like warming up. Then, we tried it and discovered to our horror how hard it was to contort into … Continue reading


MiiR Vacuum Insulated Threadless Howler 1

MiiR Vacuum Insulated Threadless Howler

If you’re ready to take your beer connoisseur status to the next level, you’re gonna need a growler. And these aren’t the kind of things you wanna be buying every few months, so investing in a quality container is a … Continue reading


WORX Electric JawSaw 1

WORX Electric JawSaw

If a guy struggles to cut a tree limb in the forest, does anybody help him? No they do not. That – and the awesome product name – is what makes the WORX JawSaw such a valuable tool when it’s … Continue reading


StoneBreaker Tailgating Glove 1

StoneBreaker Tailgating Glove

One might think that with the end of football season upon us, tailgating season is also done for a while. No sir. If there’s a basketball-loving bone in your body (and a down coat), we’ve found just the right accessory … Continue reading


WineCruzer 8-Pack PRO Wine Carrier 1

WineCruzer 8-Pack PRO Wine Carrier

So you’ve been invited to your best friend’s wedding a few thousand miles away. Your best friend who, at last check, still considered Bartles & James Tropical Mango a suitable adult beverage. It’s time to bring your wine, and WineCruzer’s … Continue reading



CRKT G.S.D. Knife

Since 1994 the Oregon-based team at Columbia River Knife & Tool have been keeping our pockets filled with some of the best EDC gear on the market. To kick things off in 2015, the brand we all know and love … Continue reading


Under Armour Fat Tire GTX Shoe

Under Armour Fat Tire GTX Shoes

The Winter Market 2015 Outdoor Retailer show introduced a ton of new and exciting pieces to explore the great outdoors. While there was plenty of stuff that caught our attention, Under Armour’s Fat Tire GTX shoes were one of our … Continue reading


Best Machete Knives

Hack and Slash: The 6 Best Machetes

When we think of machete’s in modern day we either envision jungle adventurers cutting through thick vines on their way to uncover ancient Mayan ruins where there is legendary amounts of gold or we picture Danny Trejo dispensing his special … Continue reading


Forcite Alpine Smart Snow Sports Helmet 0

Forcite Alpine Smart Snow Sports Helmet

If you manage to defy death and ski through a pair of trees while hurtling downhill, you’re damn sure gonna want that moment on video. You’re also gonna need a helmet, just in case you don’t manage to completely split … Continue reading


Tops FDX Mini Axe 1

Tops FDX Mini Axe

Even the mighty Paul Bunyan, with all his brute strength, had his moments of laziness; those times when he still had chopping to do, but didn’t wanna lug a 20 lb. axe into the wilderness. For those on-the-go moments, check … Continue reading