Deer Antler Classic Cleaver 1

Deer Antler Classic Cleaver

The kitchen doesn’t have to be all about frilly aprons, ceramic knickknacks, and Betty Crocker literature. If your kitchen needs a little more Paul Bunyan and a little less Paula Deen, 1803’s Classic Cleaver made from real deer antler has a date with your hand. … Continue reading


Sankakel Motorcycle Denim Neck Warmer Mask 1

Sankakel Motorcycle Denim Neck Warmer Mask

There’s a few reasons why you see fewer people riding their motorcycles in the winter, but we’re gonna say snot freezage is right up there at the top of the list. If you wanna ride, but don’t wanna freeze your … Continue reading


Best Travel Pillows

Headrests: The 6 Best Travel Pillows

The jetsetting gentleman knows how important a good travel pillow is. They also know how hard it is to find. Too often travel pillows have been relegated to the same world as the Eggie or the Slap Chop. They have … Continue reading


Haze Pro Tactical Smoke Grenade 1

Haze Pro Tactical Smoke Grenade

So you’re walking in the mall with your mistress when suddenly you spot your wife making her way in your direction. First of all, shame on you for having a mistress. Secondly, we’re here to help (guy rule #226). Just whip … Continue reading


Bondic Liquid Plastic Welder

Bondic Liquid Plastic Welder

Now that it’s been around for decades, Krazy Glue isn’t, well, just that crazy anymore. So our need for a bizarre adhesive substance – the kind that draws “oohs” and “ahhs” from our friends – has been very real for … Continue reading


Iron-On Micro Fiber Patches 1

Iron-On Micro Fiber Patches

We’ve been guilty of using just about everything other than a micro fiber cloth to clean the smudges off our smartphone’s screen, and that’s because micro fiber cloths just aren’t something we have readily availably. That’s exactly why these Iron-On … Continue reading


DSPTCH Gym Work Bag 1

DSPTCH Gym/Work Bag

Carrying both a gym bag and work bag to the office doesn’t make sense. It’s completely impractical, and a huge hassle to say the least. That’s why the San Francisco based crew at DSPTCH have developed this gorgeous hybrid Gym/Work … Continue reading


Death At Sea Bicycle Cup Holder 1

Death At Sea Bicycle Cup Holder

Today’s a great day for a bike ride. Maybe hit the trials, maybe go the urban route, whatever. You know what today is not a great day for? Awkwardly fumbling with your beverage. Sure, water is easily replaceable, but what … Continue reading


Kenu Stance iPhone Tripod 1

Kenu Stance iPhone Tripod

iPhone tripods have seen a surge in popularity in recent years as smartphone cameras have become the most ubiquitous device on the planet. The Kenu Stance one-ups the competition though, adding some solid functionality to their offering. The compact tripod … Continue reading


Best Motorcycle Helmets

Head On: The 6 Best Motorcycle Helmets

Motorcycle helmets used to be a mark of weakness. No Hell’s Angel was taking to the road strapped into his ass-kicking motorcycle boots and then going to use anything other than a do-rag with his club’s colors to protect his head. … Continue reading