Buster Punch Light Switches and Dimmers 1

Buster & Punch Light Switches and Dimmers

If you think style can only be conveyed with the types of clothes you wear, vehicles you drive, or music you listen to, prepare to have your mind messed with, if not semi-blown. Style can be achieved everywhere and with anything, … Continue reading


QBracelet Wearable Battery Charger 0

QBracelet Wearable Battery Charger

Having backup battery power is pretty important these days, but remembering where you last placed your spare battery or having to always carry it with you is almost not worth the hassle. But what if you wanted to have it on … Continue reading


Noke Bluetooth Padlock 1

Noke Bluetooth Padlock

There’s nothing worse than fumbling through that combination lock, trying your best to remember the combo. Or better yet, how about when you lose the key to your padlock? The team at FUZ Designs are changing all of this by … Continue reading


The Slate Digitzes Doodles 1

The Slate Digitzes Doodles

You know you’ve created masterpieces on bar napkins, but no one else seems to believe you. Well, it’s time to show ‘em. Just shift your doodle focus to The Slate with the iSketchnote app and you’ll be ready to show the … Continue reading


Hanx Writer- Tom Hanks Typewriter App 0

Hanx Writer: Tom Hanks Typewriter App

How do you follow-up a career with Saving Private Ryan, Big, Philadelphia, and sure, what the hell, Bosom Buddies? You create a free typewriter app. Obviously. Tom Hanks’ legend of awesomeness only grows with Hanx Writer, a new application for … Continue reading


SWASH Express Clothing Care System 1

SWASH Express Clothing Care System

We gotta admit, once we heard about those Jersey Shore clowns making a big thing out of doing laundry, we wanted to never do another load again. But supremely soiled shirts ain’t solving anyone’s problems either. That’s why Swash ($500) … Continue reading


Best Pressure Washers

Hose Down: The 6 Best Pressure Washers

Ever changed your oil in your driveway only to see spots later? Ever looked up to see spider webs under your eaves? Ever actually swabbed a deck? Then you know what it is like to want a pressure washer. The … Continue reading


OM ONE Levitating Bluetooth Speaker 0

OM/ONE Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

Here’s one of those things you never knew you wanted until you’ve actually seen it: Om Audio’s OM/ONE levitating Bluetooth speaker. This spherical speaker is the world’s first levitating speaker as it floats a few inches off of its base and gets … Continue reading


The HP-01 Smartwatch Designed in 1977 1

The HP-01 Smartwatch Designed in 1977

You might think that wearable technology, like the futuristic Ritot projection watch or the Samsung Gear 2, are only recent inventions. But, that’s simply not true. The first smartwatch was actually introduced in 1977 by Hewlett Packard, named the HP-01, and … Continue reading


BO BeoPlay Special Edition H6 Headphones

B&O PLAY BeoPlay Special Edition H6 Headphones

Just like how some people want pancakes and scrambled eggs in the morning (the overachievers of the world) some people want more than superior audio quality in their headphones. Some people also want panache. The premium sound sultans at B&O … Continue reading