Loudbasstard Bamboo Speaker Amplifier 1

Loudbasstard Bamboo Speaker Amplifier

If you demand both form and function from your portable speaker system, the Loudbasstard Bamboo Speaker Amplifier is right up your alley. While we’ve detailed a list of the best portable speakers on the market, all of them have the … Continue reading


Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay

Apple continues its quest for world domination, and the next order of business? Full vehicle integration via the brand’s newly revealed Apple CarPlay. Like many of you out there, we’ve been trying to connect our iPhones to our cars for … Continue reading


360Fly HD Panoramic Video Camera 1

360Fly HD Panoramic Video Camera

Don’t you wish you didn’t have to be behind the camera for some of life’s great moments? Your child’s first steps… the Fed Ex guy delivering your PS4… the pickup beach volleyball game with the Tri Busty sorority. Now you … Continue reading


Multitouch Coffee Tables from Ideum 0

Multitouch Coffee Tables from Ideum

Microsoft may have bailed on the idea of computer coffee tables, but sipping espresso while swiping through last night’s scores remains an achievable dream. Ideum’s Platform 46 and new Platform 32 Multitouch Coffee Tables feature 3M’s projected capacitive multitouch technology and … Continue reading


3nder App- Tinder for Threesomes 0

3nder App: Tinder for Threesomes

If you’re the type of guy whose mind drifts off to naughtyville anytime he hears the word ‘threesome,’ even when discussing plans to play a round of golf with two other friends, then check this out. It’s an app called … Continue reading


Nikon D4S DSLR Camera 1

Nikon D4S DSLR Camera

Nikon’s D4 has been sitting on the top of food chain for years within the world of DSLR cameras. Now the Japanese brand looks to up their own ante with the latest iteration of their beloved flagship model in the … Continue reading


Best Coffee Grinders

Steady Grinding: 10 Best Coffee Grinders

You’ve heard it before, but we’re here to really drive it home – a good coffee grinder will make all the difference when it comes to your brew. While it’s true that the difference in quality is more prevalent for … Continue reading


JamStik MIDI Guitar for iPad 4

JamStik MIDI Guitar for iPad

You’ve mastered Guitar Hero, worked Rocksmith to the bone, and now you need a new guitar fix—just, maybe not a real one yet. The JamStik is ready for you. But despite the playful name, this isn’t a toy, so put down the … Continue reading


DIY Cardboard Berlin Boombox 0

DIY Cardboard Berlin Boombox

Designed by Studio Axel Pfaender back in 2012 as a Kickstarter project, the DIY Cardboard Berlin Boombox has finally made its way to the retail scene. Boomboxes have always been cool. Even though the technology may be a bit outdated, Pfaender … Continue reading


Trax Personal GPS Locator 1

Trax Personal GPS Locator

In the 20th century, when you lost sight of your child in a department store, your options were A) start screaming his or her name B) have a store employee start screaming his or her name, or C) chalk it up to fate and … Continue reading