Best Car Bluetooth Kits

Hands Off: The 6 Best Car Bluetooth Kits

Not everyone can afford to have a hands-free kit built into their car. Others realize that many of the factory systems leave much to be desired and so they seek out their own aftermarket in-car Bluetooth kit. The advantage to … Continue reading


Nixie Wearable Flying Camera 1

Nixie Wearable Flying Camera

No matter how popular it may become, the handheld selfie’s reputation will always be closely tied to the self-obsessed teenager, and that’s just not cool—especially for a grown man. But a self-portrait from your personal quadcopter hovering 20 feet above you? … Continue reading


Minipresso Hand-Powered Portable Espresso Machine 1

Minipresso Hand-Powered Portable Espresso Machine

Previously, enjoying a piping hot espresso while camping or fishing was about as practical as crocheting while kitesurfing. But Minipresso from Wacaco promises to make any on-the-go situation perfect for everyone’s favorite little potent and pressure-packed coffee. This is a hand-powered … Continue reading


Haven Smart Lock 1

Haven Smart Lock

The smartlock has become a popular target for product innovators, but it seems that everyone has the same thought process – using outdated, vulnerable dead bolts. Haven challenges this, creating a a stronger smartlock for a safer future. After some … Continue reading


Huback USB Hub for iMac 0

Huback USB Hub for iMac

We certainly wouldn’t call Apple’s choice to equip the iMac with USB ports in the back a design flaw, but we would like the option to hook our devices up without scratching up the back of the iMac. And that’s … Continue reading


Seek Thermal Camera 0

Seek Thermal Camera

So your phone can call, text, guide, record, and wake you up, but can it see a rabid raccoon coming at you in the dark? With the Seek Thermal Camera it can. Working with any iPhone after the iPhone 5 … Continue reading


GoPro HERO4 Black Edition

GoPro Hero 4

Action cameras are all the rage these days with different companies offering a variety of products, but if the competition doesn’t watch out, GoPro will soon achieve the kind of dominant market share that leads people to refer to all … Continue reading


Dubs Acoustic Filters 1

Dubs Acoustic Filters

Ear plugs have been around for as long as we can remember, and it’s probably the last place we’d look to innovate, but that didn’t stop a team of acoustic engineers and designers from developing the most high-tech ear plugs … Continue reading


Orange Chef Cos Smart Food Scale- The Prep Pad 1

Prep Pad Smart Food Scale by Orange Chef Co

Just when you thought you had every kitchen gadget you could ever want, we’ve stumbled upon another one for you to add to your culinary homebase: The Orange Chef Co’s Smart Food Scale, the Prep Pad, the perfect invention for … Continue reading


Best HD Camcorders

Moving Pictures: The 7 Best HD Camcorders

The word “camcorder” has fallen into serious disuse. Those of us who once owned parachute pants or can still cough up all the words to “Ice, Ice Baby” still think of them as massive devices that could only be lifted … Continue reading