Best Boat Shoes For Men

Out to Sea: 20 Best Boat Shoes for Men

Nothing screams “summer”—or “long weekend”—like a pair of boat shoes. With a lineage tracing back to 1930s Connecticut (you surprised?), these shoes are classic enough to take you from a morning sail and accompanying day on the beach to a … Continue reading


Axess Slim Front Pocket Wallets 1

Axess Slim Front Pocket Wallets

Simply the thought of stuffing a typical wallet into a front pocket is enough to make us squirm. Bulk is not something we’re looking for. That’s what makes the Axess wallet so intriguing. Just half the size of a regular … Continue reading


ANICORN Series 000 Watch 1

ANICORN Series 000 Watch

We’re definitely seeing a major resurgence in watch-wearing as of late, mostly due to the rise of the smart watch. But where some people prefer connected devices and the internet of things, there are others that prefer style. With that … Continue reading


Persol 714 Steve McQueen Sunglasses 0

Persol 714 Steve McQueen Sunglasses

If you’re looking for a solid pair of shades for the summer season, then look no further than the iconic Persol 714 sunglasses. Quite possibly the best men’s sunglasses ever designed, these things were originally designed over 50 years ago, … Continue reading


Best Sunglasses For Men

Summer Essentials: 18 Best Sunglasses for Men

Summer’s around the corner, which means your calendar will soon be filled with beach vacations, backyard BBQs, outdoor weddings, and other social occasions that will (finally) place you in direct sunlight. But before the festivities heat up, you might want … Continue reading


Victorinox Swiss Army Inox Remade Watch

Victorinox Swiss Army Inox Remade Watch

The Victorinox Inox is one of our favorite watches on the market, showing up on our list of the best watches under $500. With that being said, we’re happy to announce the brand has decided to create a special edition … Continue reading


Best Mens Watches Under 500

The 30 Best Men’s Watches Under $500

The world is overrun with clocks. They’re on our phones, our tablets, our computers, our magic boxes that cook, and in our cars. You have to go out of your way to not know what time it is. So why … Continue reading


Best Weekender Duffel Bags

The 40 Best Duffel Bags and Weekenders For Men

In less enlightened times, men didn’t care too much for the bag he carried. In fact, displaying more than a passing interest in such matters might have lost him some serious masculinity points. But times change. The 21st century gent … Continue reading


Optic NL6 Mountaineering Sunglasses by Northern Lights 0

Optic NL6 Mountaineering Sunglasses by Northern Lights

Style is of course a major consideration when choosing a pair of sunglasses, but, ya know, an ability to keep the sun out of your eyes should also be high up on the priority list. The NL6 glasses from Northern … Continue reading


Best Dopp Kits

Hidden Compartments: The 20 Best Dopp Kits For Men

The uncultured might be content to throw their toiletries in a ziplock bag and hope for the best, but the discerning gentleman knows that a good dopp kit is a sound investment. Sure, a dopp kit is a particularly private … Continue reading