Luxury Camping Pods

One of our favorite things about good design is that, so often, well-made things draw inspiration from other well-made things. Take, for instance, these futuristic camping pods from Fabian Mazzola (a visualizer at Bitlens Studios) and ad firm Anomaly. Their sleek lines and form were inspired directly by Mini Cooper’s F60 Countryman.

But they aren’t just pretty; they’re also intended to be fully featured. In fact, they are entirely self-sustainable; feature amenities such as a full bathroom, a kitchen, and a bedroom all within the living space; and are wrapped in a weather-sealed material that allows them to withstand a full range of climates and environments. And all of that is wrapped into a small, portable format with panoramic windows that allow the occupants to really connect with their surrounding landscape. For now, this is more art project than proof-of-concept, but we’d certainly like to get ourselves into one of these futuristic campers if they’re ever made real. [H/T: designboom]

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