ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor

Slow leaks are killer. Literally. Cars with under inflated tires are a full three times more likely to end up in a serious crash. Yet, even with that danger being so clear – constantly checking tire pressure can be a hassle. Or at least it was before the Zus Smart Tire Safety Monitor.

This simple, easy to setup system makes monitoring your tire pressure as simple as checking your phone. All users have to do is replace the valve-covers on their tires with those provided by Zus. Once all the caps have been switched out and the driver’s phone synched with the system, they’ll get real-time readouts on tire pressure and temperature. Hit something in the road and get a slow-leak? You’ll immediately get an alert as to which tire was hit, and the rate at which it is leaking. To top it all off, thanks to the simple design of this system, drivers can just as easily put them on rented or borrowed vehicles. Say goodbye to bad gas mileage and dangerous driving.

Purchase: $120