Zungle Panther Bluetooth Sunglasses

It’s about time we get introduced to wearable tech that’s actually wearable. Los Angeles-based Zungle, a young tech startup, was fed-up with sorry attempts by larger companies to produce stylish and functional wearable tech. In response, they developed the Panther, a pair of sunglasses that features a bone-conducting speaker on each side of the frame.

With this technology, crystal-clear audio is transmitted directly into your eardrums while also allowing you to maintain awareness of your surroundings. In short, your favorite tunes literally become the soundtrack to your life without overpowering your other senses. They weigh a highly manageable 45 grams and come in five different color variants with even more replacement lenses that’ll suit just about any style. Fully charged, their 300mAh battery offers four full hours of music for the listener. Their Kickstarter is set to debut June 16th of this year with the first deliveries making their rounds this December – just in time for the holidays. Early bird reservations start at $89. [Purchase]

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