Zuli Smartplug

The internet of things these days has us exercising more and more control over everyday products within our lives. The home is no different. And with the Zuli Smartplug, personalizing your home’s lighting and temperature has never been easier. Just plug in your favorite lamps and appliances and you’ll get instant control from your iPhone. The smart plug allows you to dim lights, schedule your space heater, and control your Nest Thermostat.

To make things even more convenient, Zuli recognizes where you are within the home and sets the room lighting and temperature to your liking. Gone are the days of searching for light switches in the dark or even pulling out your smartphone to turn on the lights. Here, your home’s lighting and temperature are controlled by smart technology that adapts to your lifestyle, on your terms, all while saving you money in the process. Available now for $160.[Purchase]