Zubin Axe Survival Staff

A walking stick is just walking stick – or so we thought. Until we met the Zubin Axe, a survival staff that can do everything from chopping firewood to spearing a fish for dinner.

Hiking sticks have long been nothing more than low-tech tools crafted from wood, built specifically for helping you navigate through the backcountry. Zubin Axe does that too, but it also does a whole lot more. Sure the handle is made from the same hickory wood as many other options out there, but the five interchangeable heads up top are made from durable 440C stainless steel, and give you an entire arsenal of tools at your disposal. Whether you need a slingshot to hunt down your squirrel dinner, or a saw blade to cut down that high branch, this thing has got you covered. The tools include an axe blade and cover, saw blade, slingshot, dual-edge spear, and fishing spear. There’s even a compass staff option to ensure you never got lost in the wild. [Via | Purchase]