Zore Watchdog Gun Alert System

When Zore first unveiled their X smart gun locking system, we were immediately convinced the brand was ramping up to revolutionize the firearm safety industry. Now they’ve taken that next big step with a new alert device they’re calling the Watchdog.

Made to work in conjunction with their locking system, the Watchdog functions much like its name suggests. Equipped with an array of onboard sensors and a magnetic strip that allows you to attach it to any part of your weapon, it pairs with your smartphone to remotely notify you, wherever you are around the globe, the very moment your gun is tampered with in any way — including even the slightest of movements. It can also be attached to the drawer in which you store your firearm, so you’ll know as soon as someone tries to open it and you can take the necessary steps toward securing it and contacting the authorities. It also connects directly to your home WiFi network and has a battery life of up to two years. There’s no word yet on pricing or availability.

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