Zooz’s Concept 01 Is An 80Lb BMX & Landspeed-Inspired 60MPH One-Off eBike

As EV powertrain technology continues to rapidly evolve, these increasingly potent and compact systems have enabled designers to employ novel ideas and concepts that find unique ways to package batteries and electric motors. And a new conceptual effort out of Texas epitomizes these principles with a new one-off ebike design: the Zooz Concept 01.

A boutique e-bike outfit that produces handmade BMX-inspired models, Zooz’ bikes boast minimalistic, style-focused designs — traits that appear in spades on the small company’s Concept 01. Built around a nickel-plated, 4130 Chromoly frame, the 01 sports an almost land-speeder-inspired air, with stretched tubular framework linked to a custom swing-arm married to a dual shock setup. Complimented by minimalistic carbon fiber bodywork piece, the Samsung battery and Kelly controller-housing banana-style seat that appears on Zooz’ Urban Ultralight model also shows up on the concept, but now features a cafe’d tail hump. Powered by a 4.3kW (5.76hp) 72V QS rear hub-mounted motor, the concept also gets inverted forks, a custom top triple and bars with internal routing, Shimano brakes, and a steering damper to help stabilize the lightweight two-wheeler at its 60mph top speed. A fascinating blend of electric motorcycles, BMX, and cafe racer, for more information on the build check out the Zooz website below.

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