Zona Rear-View Motorcycle Helmet Camera

Let’s face it: motorcycling is dangerous, both in itself and because of the risks that constantly surround riders. One of the bigger dangers, however, is the inability to see behind you. Even with sideview mirrors, there are still blind spots. The Zona rear-view motorcycle helmet camera is looking to help limit that danger almost entirely by giving riders what is, in effect, eyes on the back of their heads.

Now, this concept isn’t new – several companies offer rear-facing motorcycle cameras. But, they almost exclusively feed to a smartphone or device housed upon the handlebars of your bike – which requires you to look off the road to glance at it. The Zona, however, feeds directly to your helmet. All you have to do is fit the tiny camera to the rear of your bike, mount the transmitter to the backside of your helmet, and wedge the display beneath your helmet’s internal lining (in eyeshot, but not obscuring your vision). That’s it. The device is even fitted with an internal gyroscope that helps it shut down when not in use and start back up when it detects motion. And it’ll record video to an onboard memory stick that, when full, erases and records over the oldest footage first. The Zona is on pre-sale now for $210 per set.

Purchase: $210