Zombie Fighting Maybach Exelero

While the folks at Daimler were busy shutting down their ultra luxury Maybach brand, Jordan-based designer Khaled Alkayed was busy transforming this Maybach Exelero into the ultimate zombie-fighting machine.

While it was nothing more than a prototype, the 2005 Maybach Exelero received a lot of attention from automotive enthusiasts. Powered by a massive V12 engine pumping out 700 ponies, this 2-door is perfect for outrunning anything the apocalypse might bring about. The car has been completely upgraded to withstand apocalyptic battles. Equipment includes everything from tank inspired tracks on the rear wheels to the thick armor plating covering the passenger compartment and multipurpose bull-bar up front. Of course what would a zombie apocalypse vehicle be without weapons? This Maybach has been equipped with a a gun popping out of the hood, dual rear machine guns, and a rocket launcher. What more could you ask for? While it might not be the most practical vehicle for fighting off the undead (that V12 requires a lot of gas), it definitely looks badass.

Zombie Fighting Maybach Exelero 2

Zombie Fighting Maybach Exelero 3