Zombie 222 Electric 1968 Mustang

You’d think turning a 1968 Ford Mustang into an electric vehicle would get you nothing but weird looks and derisive emails, but nope. Mitch Medford of Austin, Texas, and his company, Bloodshed Motors, have bucked the odds and won much more than just the praise of some hardcore gearheads with the Zombie 222, an all-electric Mustang that blows away almost every car in the world in terms of raw power.

First, the astonishing numbers: The Zombie 222 cranks out more than 800 horsepower and an insane 1,800lb-ft of torque, yielding a 0 to 60 time of just 2.4 seconds. The quarter mile happens in 10.7 seconds at 125 mph. How does it happen? With two 11″ electric motors and two controllers to manage the battery packs. That’s actually where the 222 comes from: “2 motors, 2 controllers, and too fast.” Medford is looking for a buyer for the record-setting vehicle, with a price tag somewhere around $200,000.

Zombie 222 Electric 1968 Mustang 1

Zombie 222 Electric 1968 Mustang 2

Zombie 222 Electric 1968 Mustang 3