ZNAPS Magnetic Adapter

One of life’s littlest annoyances created by our ever-growing use of smartphones is dealing with the miserable designs of both the iPhone’s Lightning plug and the Android’s micro-USB. How many times have you fumbled in the dark before getting into bed to try and plug in your phone for its nightly charge because you simply couldn’t get the plug to fit how it is intended to fit? Now, there’s a better way: ZNAPS.

ZNAPS is a simple solution to that problem among many others that the cable creates. It’s an adapter that is connected to the male end of your charging cable that simply snaps on to the ZNAPS connector which is plugged directly into your phone’s charging port. This creates a magnetic connection, allowing users to easily connect their charging cable without even looking at their phone, and it prevents damage of their phone from tripping over the cord or yanking the plug out. ZNAPS is currently being funded on Kickstarter and is available for just $9 to early backers. Check out the video below. [Purchase]

ZNAPS Magnetic Adapter 2

ZNAPS Magnetic Adapter 3

ZNAPS Magnetic Adapter 4