Zilvar Cabin by ASGK Design

Dec 4, 2019

Category: Living

Some people dream of living the cabin life, others tackle it head on. In another stellar example of the latter, the Zilvar house is a little slice of modern cabin heaven.

The project was designed by the architects at ASGK Design, and is nestled in the plains of Lodin, Czech Republic, on the outskirts of a small village in Eastern Bohemia. Looking to increase the closeness of the three member family, the home utilizes an open space floor plant that sees the lounge, kitchen and dining area all situated on the lower floor, while the bedrooms are located at opposite ends of the home upstairs. Windows of all sizes adorn the property’s facade, letting the residents fully enjoy the views of the surrounding fields and forests, and allow plenty of natural light to enter the home. The wood-clad interior walls is the ultimate finishing touch.

Zilvar Cabin by ASGK Design 2

Zilvar Cabin by ASGK Design 3

Zilvar Cabin by ASGK Design 4

Zilvar Cabin by ASGK Design 5

Zilvar Cabin by ASGK Design 6

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