ZeroHour Tactical USB Battery Backup Flashlight

Jan 2, 2014

Category: Tech

Experts say at some point in the future, when millions of women attempt to blow dry their hair at once, the nation’s electrical grid will go pfft-fizzzz. Be ready for the great Conair Collapse with ZeroHour, a tactical grade flashlight that’s integrated with a USB battery backup so you can charge your phone and see how many girls are Instragramming themselves by candlelight.

The 1,000 lumen CREE LED bulb throws light some 500 meters ahead of you, and since it’s built with aircraft aluminum and stainless steel, should you need to whack a power-seeking diva in the shins when she breaks into your place, you’ll be more than well-equipped. Each of the 12 main components that make up ZeroHour is made to easily unscrew or slide apart, so cleaning or replacing parts is a breeze. [Purchase]

ZeroHour Tactical USB Battery Backup Flashlight 2

ZeroHour Tactical USB Battery Backup Flashlight 3

ZeroHour Tactical USB Battery Backup Flashlight 4

ZeroHour Tactical USB Battery Backup Flashlight 5

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