Zero x Huge Design SM Custom Electric Motorcycle

With so much space for improvement within the electric motorcycle industry, we’ve seen a number of manufacturers transition toward improved user interfacing, adaptable platforms, and an ever-changing design language. Zero Motorcycles has teamed up with San Francisco’s Huge Design to create a cycle that embodies all three aforementioned traits — a two-wheeled electric moto that looks as if it’s straight out of a cyberpunk city — the SM Custom.

The SM is a futuristic take on Zero’s already successful stealth offering, the FXS, which features variable drive modes that can be dialed in via a smart device for an adaptable ride, no matter where you are. The motorcycle’s Eco and Sport modes ensure a customizable experience that allows riders to increase or decrease desired traits, such as top speed, torque, regen, and regen braking through the use of fine-tuned sliders. With up to 100 miles of travel on a 9.7-hour charge, the FXS is capable of 85 mph thanks to its 46 horsepower electric motor and gearless transmission. While the electric bike’s stock powertrain, frame, dash, bars, and suspension are the same as the original FXS, the sleek, futuristic bodywork comes courtesy of the talented team at Huge Design — bringing the electric dirt-inspired motorcycle into a realm all its own.

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