Zero Spy Camera

Secret codes. Shoes with knives hidden in them. Pinhole cameras. If this was the kind of stuff that fascinated you when you were or a kid – or that fascinates your kid now – then you’re going to love this Raspberry Pi Zero Spy Camera.

This tiny little thing is essentially a phone camera without the phone. Measuring in at just 8.6mm by 8.6mm, it is just about the size of a button – making it ideal for spying on the cat or dog unassumingly. The camera itself is connected to a 2 inch long cable that serves as a connection between the camera and its BCM2835 processor and either a Raspberry Pi v1.3, or Zero W. Once connected, the camera can port over 5 megapixel images – whether they be of stolen files or illicit activities – thanks to its high quality CSI interface. Whether you want to just tool around with one of these yourself or want to set out on a fun project with your kids – this is the way to do it.

Purchase: $20