Zero Labs’ Land Rover Series III 109 Is An E-SUV For The Classically-Inclined

Over a year ago, Zero Labs revealed their eye-catching electric Bronco. After stealing the hearts and minds of the automotive industry’s most progressive collectors, the brand continued to enamor with minor innovations, enhancements, and packages catered toward different styles of driving. Now, the popular company has decided to take on another iconic platform — the Land Rover Series III 109 — for its electrified restoration program.

The Zero Labs Land Rover Series III 109 Electric SUV is a staggering specimen that captures and recreates the allure of the classic off-road example. Instead of adapting the chassis to take on a new, contemporarily-focused style, the outfit has decided to keep things true-to-form, adopting design standards from Land Rover’s 1971-1985 Series III five-door variants. To bring it into the modern-day, however, drivers will be able to choose between an 85 or 100kWh battery, factory-matched paint schemes, and a removable hardtop (or soft top), adding to the SUV’s customizable persona. Inside, the Series III 109 will feature a suite of sun-resistant electronics, stain-, mold-, and mildew-resistant upholstery, and waterproof materials to keep it looking great for years to come. Head to Zero Labs’ website, where the $185,000+ Land Rover Series III 109 Electric SUV is listed for inquiry, to learn more.

Purchase: $185,000+