Zero Labs Can Now Turn Your Favorite Classic Car Into An All-Electric Vehicle

Zero Labs has taken it upon itself to stand at the forefront of electrified automotive design, and over the past five years, the brand has been laying the groundwork for one of the industry’s most evolutionary moments. Now, after a long period of conceptualization, development, and internal testing, the brand has announced the world’s first complete classic electric platform, allowing history’s most iconic gasoline and diesel vehicles to take on a more conscious powertrain.

That’s right. According to the company, “every classic” will be able to abandon its petrol or diesel foundation for a more eco-friendly alternative, thanks to its optimized, four-format program. After inquiring for access to Zero’s bespoke rehabilitation program, buyers will be able to submit their classic vehicle for a full-fledged rebuild, starting with complete disassembly, removal of hazardous materials, and an update to more modern technologies. Next, the vehicle’s coach will be fitted to the company’s all-electric platform, adopting an upgradable battery offering over 235 miles of range, and a 600+ horsepower HV power system to ensure that each and every classic can become truly emissions-free. Head to Zero Labs’ website to learn more, or to inquire about the revitalization of your own vehicle.

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