Zero Halliburton’s Iconic Luggage Just Got Even More Indestructible

There are many professionally-focused luggage and briefcase companies out there, and while they all cater to their own audience, taste, and merit, few can hold a candle to Zero Halliburton. The company’s reputation spans a multitude of generations, mediums, and genres of use — so, when one of the industry’s finest proprietors releases a collection of modernized aluminum variants, you pay attention.

Zero’s newly-revealed Pursuit Aluminium Travel Cases take on a sleek aesthetic that isn’t far removed from the company’s alternative offerings. In typical Halliburton fashion, various sizes of attache, travel case, and carry-on case are offered, with each taking on its own high-class identity. The entirety of the collection features a brushed, anodized aluminum exterior, textured patterns, and a matte finish to minimize the presence of external scratches and abrasions. Patent-pending ZH Concave Edging has been implemented to deter and mitigate damage during transport, bridging the gap between fashionable architecture and functional design principles. Below, an elegant, but durable ZH Chassis outfitted with rubber-lined, ball-bearing wheels provides users with unparalleled rolling ability, effortless glide, and minimalist movement components, making the collection’s $455 (and up) price tag an attractive proposition for stylish travelers.

Purchase: $455+