Zero F*cks Given Coins

We can’t always care wholeheartedly about everything. For every important issue in our lives, there’s another one lurking around the corner trying to grab our attention. We couldn’t care less about those corner-dwellers, and now we have a great way to let them know: the Zero Fucks Given Coins.

If you have not one single fuck to give, these coins will let people know just how you feel about whatever they’re complaining about. The coins are about the size of a U.S. quarter, although they’re slightly larger and thicker. On the coin’s face lies a middle finger, with the words “United States of No Fucks,” and “Spin On This.” On the back, the coin states “Zero Fucks”, with an image of “Fucks” inside of a zero. Awesome. They’ll be a huge hit with friends, and they’re available now for $6. [Purchase]

Zero Fucks Given Coins 2

Zero Fucks Given Coins 3

Zero Fucks Given Coins 4