Zenith Revives The Fabled El Primero Automatic Chronograph Watch

In 1969, Zenith created the original El Primero automatic chronograph movement — a platform that would redefine the world of wristwear — and etched its name into the annals of history. As one of the most important variants in horology and one of the first chronographs (with an automatic movement) to ever be built, the Primero has inspired countless imitators — but the days of secondhand commemoration are over.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the brand’s flagship offering, Zenith has decided to resurrect the El Primero for another lease on life. Dubbed the A384 Revival, this period-correct recreation thrives off of the DNA of its predecessor. After an extensive bout of scanning and digitization, the dimensions of the original watch have been replicated with pristine attention to detail. From the panda dial, 37mm case, and polished bevels all the way to the wristwear’s most intricate detailing, nothing has been glossed over. However, to give the Primero a taste of modernity, Zenith has opted to implement its updated El Primero 400 movement — outfitted with refined internals and a standard 50-hour power reserve. Information on the pricing and availability of the watch will emerge as we approach its October release.

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