Zenith Put A Lost Never-Before-Seen Dial Into This Chronograph Watch

Following the anticipated release of its El Primero Chronomaster “Shadow,” Zenith has had their work cut out for them in terms of their next big reveal. While it might not be an innovative iteration of the company’s future timepieces, they’ve enamored the watch world once again with the announcement of their Chronomaster Revival Manufacture Edition — a vintage accessory that utilizes a “lost” prototype dial that was originally meant for the brand’s 1969 A386.

After diving deeper into its trove of age-old pieces, parts, and movements in Le Locle, Zenith has picked out one very specific component to helm its newest project. Calling upon the brand’s 50+-year-old all-blue, tri-color gradient dial, and commercially-unavailable A386 case reissue, buyers will be able to acquire one of the watch world’s most sought-after models, albeit, with stainless-steel case material. That’s right, the “inspired” dial of the revived A386 that you see here isn’t quite the vintage original that we all would have liked, but for $8,700 and up, we’re willing to make an exception; especially since the only other A386 reissue from Zenith was priced at a not-so-modest $20,000. Each El Primero 400-powered model will come pleasantly packaged in a box that mimics the blueprints of the Zenith manufacture and will be accompanied by a comic illustrating the history of one of the brand’s first watchmakers, Charles Vermot. Head to the company’s website to learn more.

Purchase: $8,700+